May 19, 2022


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It’s the Game of Thrones season and everyone everywhere as been shouting “GOT”. Well while some just began watching, others are boasting of been up to the latest season!
And well there are some that we’d be a little movie spoiler for! (LOL)
In whichever way,we thought to let you into little secrets about the GOT faceless men!

1.Acolytes Of The Many-Faced God

The faceless assassin monks of the house of black and white may seem like ruthless killers with absolutely no regard for the rule of law in the seven kingdoms, but that’s only because they obey a higher law. They are strict followers of the many-faced god. The one true God, as they would have you believe. The many-faced god can be seen throughout all the religions in the seven kingdoms. He can be seen in The Stranger of the seven, the weirwood trees of the north, or at the end of a poisonous dagger held by what looks like a beloved friend or family member.

2.Make It Look Like An Accident

You may not be able to tell by simply watching Game Of Thrones, but the faceless men are actually specifically trained to make their contracts look like they’ve fallen due to unfortunate, but natural, causes. While Arya may have you fooled by all the throat-slicing she’s been so fond of since her training at the House of Black and White, typically faceless men do their best to make all contracts look like accidents. We know that Arya isn’t exactly one to play by the rules, especially the rules of the faceless men, but what can you do? A girl has no need for your patriarchal nonsense. A girl has only her list..

3.Magic Flesh Masks

If you haven’t read the books then you’re probably curious about how exactly the faceless men animate the faces of the dead over their own and use them to complete their contracts. Well, as one can imagine there is a bit of magic involved in animated a flesh mask, and it does require a bit of blood. The faceless man (or woman) make a series of small cuts on their face before pulling the mask on. This blood, in combination with a potion, is enough to animate the face and give the wearer the outward appearance of the dead, missing teeth and all. What the masks can’t do, however, is cause the wearer to grow or shrink significantly.

4.Iron Coin Of The Faceless Men

While the iron coin of the faceless men may initially seem like the cheapest way catch a ship to Braavos, it may also serve a very different purpose. While it’s never explicitly stated, it seems very possible that the faceless men carry the coins with them for recruitment purposes. By the time Jaqen has met Arya, she’s already showed her worth as a valuable recruit for the faceless men. Not only has she save his life and show a willingness to both save and take life, but she’s also demonstrated an ability to wear several masks (the runaway in King’s Landing, Arry, the boy heading to the wall, and Arya) by the time Jaqen gives her the coin.

5.Born In A Volcano

It is said that the faceless men were born from the volcanic slave mines of Valyria. The tale centers around an unknown man who would hear the prayers of the many different peoples of the slave mines and conclude that all these people had been unknowingly praying to the exact same god. This Many-Faced God would be the God he chose to follow. And he would be the tool in which this God used to pass along his greatest gift. Death. From there the man begins killing the masters and taking a price, not always money, sometimes a life of servitude is the price Many-Faced God requires.


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