May 26, 2022


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(By:Okorite Joy Harry)

Well what to say?, GOT as indeed proved it acronym,we have all been GOTTEN by GOT!
Meanwhile despite the hype some characters there came up with,we have slowly discovered that there are a good number of characters that came up with great drama but went nowhere.
So,SIZZLING SATURDAY brings to you today five out of these ones!

1. Harry Strickland

The Golden Company’s Harry Strickland may well take the gold medal for most pointless Game of Thrones character of all time. Fans were promised so much from the Golden Company — Cersei’s private army, sure to bolster the Lannister ranks.

But actor Marc Rissmann was resigned to a mere handful of scenes and was mainly shot from behind. Where villains like Euron Greyjoy grew into lovable rogues, it would be a struggle to recall any memorable qualities about Strickland.

Instead of being a formidable fighter, Strickland was seen running from the King’s Landing battlefield, only to be impaled from behind. It seems that in the abridged season 8, there just wasn’t room for this newcomer and his shiny army.

2. Kinvara

After introducing the fiery Melisandre, Game of Thrones revealed that Carice van Houten’s character wasn’t the only Red Woman in the Seven Kingdoms. Given a fleeting appearance in season 6, Kinvara (Ania Bukstein) could’ve added so much, but delivered so little.

The later reemergence of Melisandre, and her brief place by Daenerys’ side, saw her take over where Kinvara left off. While the Battle of Winterfell would’ve been the perfect time to see Mel and her own army of Red Priests ride into action, instead everyone is left wondering what in Seven Hells she was doing for all that time in Volantis.

As for Kinvara… she’s become one of the show’s many question marks. Welcome to the Hot Pie club.

3. Salladhor Saan

Game of Thrones has never done its seafaring characters much justice, and Salladhor Saan (played by BAFTA nominee Lucian Msamati) is no exception.

Crossing paths with Ser Davos, Saan was revealed as a shady acquaintance of the Onion Knight. Msamati added some much-needed diversity to the show… but didn’t stick around long, unfortunately.

After (somehow) surviving the Battle of Blackwater, Saan was later bought back into the company of Stannis thanks to a hefty loan from the Iron Bank. Last seen pledging his allegiance to Stannis the Mannis, it’s presumed Salladhor sailed to Castle Black.

Saan hasn’t been heard from since season 4, presumably sailing into some Westerosi version of the Bermuda Triangle.

4. Rickon Stark

Rickon was one of those characters that the show just didn’t know how to utilise after overtaking George RR Martin’s books.

MIA for three entire seasons, Rickon’s return was the most lackluster part of the otherwise stellar Battle of the Bastards.

With Stark ranks dwindling thanks to beheadings and Red Weddings, Game of Thrones was overdue another shock departure from one of those wily wolves. Unfortunately, the only memorable part of Art Parkinson’s return was that zig-zag debacle.

Mowed down by the despicable Ramsay Bolton, Rickon was just another notch on the sadistic psycho’s kill list.

5. Quaithe

An annoying niggle from the show’s early days is Dany’s entire trip to Qarth. Aside from giving audiences the meme-worthy “Where are my dragons?” quote and the prophetic House of the Undying vision, Khaleesi’s journey left plenty of dangling plot threads and prophecies. The most famous was the identity of Quaithe (Laura Pradelska).

The masked woman had some solemn words for Dany and Jorah Mormont, with many guessing she would be part of a bigger arc. Sadly, Quaithe hasn’t been heard from since and was simply a plot device to get Jorah to admit his real feelings for the Mother of Dragons.

There were theories that Quaithe could be Daenerys from the future, but it’s best to stick these on the bonfire will all other madcap ms.

So there you go folks, next Saturday will bring you another exciting!

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