May 17, 2022


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(By Okorite Joy Harry)

   Hello there folks!,what is sizzling today is for the book lovers!,it’s saturday and you might just want to cool off reading a book, we got you! 

Here are 5 books you can read this weekend. 

1.Be(com)ing a Nigerian by Elnathan John

    I just had to put this at first place!, this is the most interesting piece I have read in recent times! 

Be(com) ing a Nigerian satirizes the Nigerian society by actually stating important sectors in the Nigerian society and the type of persons you’d meet there and even further to ‘advise’ international persons coming into Nigeria on how to ‘become a Nigerian’! 

Above it satire however is a highly comical, exhilarating and beautiful piece for your weekend. 

Probably after reading though, you’d know that “The middle class family in Nigeria is divided into two still, the upper middle class and the lower middle class… “( extract from the book) 

2.Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo

    Despite a somewhat twisted narration and heart tending events, Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo is definetly a must read this weekend! 

Set in the 80s,Ayobami paints the Nigerian society of then and one which is still not completely out now of a Nigerian woman’s marriage challenges when she is married to a Nigerian man, when she is a barren and when she eventually gets a child  and loses it! 

Indeed, all the heart breaking situations in this novel revolves around all these and not until the end is when the Nigerian woman decides to emancipate herself. Would you say its rather too late like I’d do? 

Only if you read the book will you be able to stab Akin or Yejide! 

3.Nothing Lasts Forever by Sidney Sheldon

If you are familiar with Sheldon, then you’d know how interesting this piece would be! 

Nothing lasts forever chronicles the lives of three friends who just graduated from medical school and are all recruited into same hospital, their challenges,twist in events and how it all goes down. Indeed Nothing Lasts Forever! 

3.The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Till today I’m still grateful to the friend who told me to go read this book,it’s a bomb! 

This prose poetry is actually life lessons and guide written in a book. Yes you cannot find the entire guide to your life in just this one piece but trust me you’d pick alot of lessons from it, plus it’s a good relaxation after a working week. 

5.Lagos life, London Living by Bob Omotayo 

This is the second hilarious book today, Lagos Life London Living is a collection of stories living in Lagos and London, it comes with slangs of these two cities and other things to ‘bless’ your weekend! 

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