May 17, 2022


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IDANRE HILLS, A Wonder of Nature.

Abosede Monisola.

Are you looking forward to an adventure or an activity that will make you sweat and at the same time be fun? Then Idanre Hills is the place for you.

Located in Ondo State, South-western Nigeria, the hills are said to be over 800 years. The Idanre Hills is a cluster of hills surrounded by beautiful landscape. It has been home to the people of Idanre for more than a hundred years.

To get to the breath-taking summit of the hills, one has to go through 667 steps, though there are resting huts for hikers to rest during the ascension.

Present on the hills are evidences of the ancient people like the Owa palace, the native court, old primary school and so on which are testament of the heritage of the Idanre people.

Idanre Hills is among the UNESCO world heritage. The site is famous owing to Abogun hills which has the Aboogun soldier’s footprints on it. It is said to fit in the foot of whoever places his or hers in them.

Also, is the Arun river, a crystal clear river where one can see the bottom and the aquatic animals swim.

For tourists who come from outside the state and couldn’t make it back to their houses, there are hostels and relaxation centres around.

Experience the Wonder of Nature at Idanre hills and thank me later.

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