June 25, 2022


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Solskjaer disagrees with Mourinho’s assessment of Rashford

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Solskjaer disagrees with Mourinho’s assessment of Rashford

Manchester United interim boss, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has disagreed with Jose Mourinho’s assessment of Marcus Rashford and believes he can coach the striker to become a better finisher.

Earlier this month, Mourinho appeared to dismiss Rashford’s chances of improving in front of goal, by claiming that the 21-year-old needed “natural qualities” to succeed.

“They work very hard but it’s not about work. It’s about natural qualities. We need to score more goals,” Mourinho said.

But Solskjaer, who scored 126 goals in 366 appearances for United as a player, believes he is well-placed to guide Rashford.

“I wasn’t born with it. I studied finishing, I studied goals, I studied movement.

“I worked on my mentality because that’s key.

“You will always miss chances but you can’t do anything about them once they’ve gone. It’s always about the next chance.

“You have got to be one step ahead as a striker, to create that space you need.

“Apart from the ball, when you’re a striker it is space that’s your best friend. You need space.

“I worked with Cristiano, Wayne, Danny Welbeck, Tevez was here. That was a good start for me.

“But my strength was putting the ball in the net and I am sure I can give these boys a little bit of detail into scoring goals.

“But in terms of talent and physical attributes, the strikers here have got loads more than I had,” Solskjaer said according to UK Metro.

Source: bit.ly/UCJNEWS2EnoDmS

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