August 15, 2022


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Spanish TV plays Exorcist tune under former Catalan leader

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The Spanish state broadcaster has been asked to explain why it ran the theme music to the 1973 horror film The Exorcist under a clip of the ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont.
It was played under Puigdemont’s voice in RTVE’s flagship current affairs programme Informe Semanal last Saturday.
At about four and a half minutes in to the programme, Puigdemont’s clip came on, edited with Tubular Bells underneath.
One Twitter user sarcastically called the use of the clip “very subtle” while another said: “Mother of God, please tell me that’s been edited.”
Since the last government of Catalonia held a banned vote and declared the region independent, Spain’s government has imposed direct rule, sacked the government, detained some Catalan leaders and called a snap election.


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