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Student Leaders state Union Affairs as UCJ UNILORIN organizes State of the Union Programme

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Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

Elected student leaders have given updates on the state of the projects and programs they plan to execute and give progress reports on the promises made before their election into offices. This was stated as a show of accountability and transparency to the student populace.

This was exhibited at the 2021 edition of the State of the Union Programme, organized by the University’s campus press outlet, the Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ilorin. The event was held at the University Basement on the 29th of November, 2021, and had the presence of representatives of the Central Executive Council of the Students’ Union, the Senate Council, Faculty Presidents, and students across various departments on campus.

Our faculty amenities are now in good shape – Faculty Presidents

While stating the state of administration in their respective faculties, Presidents of various Faculties have assured their student constituencies that they are trying to restore their amenities into good conditions and reinstated that the welfare of the students is crucial.

The President of the Faculty of Communications and Information Sciences, Comrade Olalegacy, stated that the bulbs in his faculty have all been restored, and stated that crucial steps have been taken to ensure that the restrooms are being renovated. He stated that “the capital projects we have in mind is to build a pavilion as our capital projects to add to the already existing one.”

While commenting on his administration, the Faculty of Law President, Ibrahim Ismail Mojishola (Gemsholad) mentioned that his administration has embarked on several capacity-building projects to ensure that that member of his Faculty benefit and upskill. When asked about the capital projects he has implemented, he stated that the financial situation has not been helping matters, and has hindered the effective run of administration, an assertion confirmed by the CIS President, Comrade Olalegacy.

The representative of the President of Management Sciences, Comrade Autonomous, and the President of the Social Sciences Faculty, Comrade Trailblazer, also gave updates on the state of affairs in their respective Faculties, stating that work was ongoing to ensure that promises in their manifestos are been actualized and fulfilled.

Speaking on transport issues, the President of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Comrade Yusuf, emphasized collaboration with the management, stating that “there’s nothing we can do because students are not finishing their lectures at the same time, but we will keep continuing to engage the authorities to help ease transport issues being face by the students.”

I am not to be blamed if my executives do not function – Life Sciences President, Comrade Neutron

The Life Sciences President, Comrade Neutron, declared that he is not to be blamed if members of his executive council are not working, as his administration is ensuring that quality is delivered.

As regards the cleanliness of toilet facilities and the repulsive whiff from the toilets at the Faculty of Life Sciences, the Life President negated this assertion and stated that the toilets are always clean, and maintained for the use of students.

While being asked about the state of the toilets in some parts of his faculty, the Life Sciences President mentioned that he is only sure of the state of affairs of departments close to his secretariat, stating that “I am not aware of the position of that place. It is very hard for me to say I’m going to Biochemistry. My secretariat is far from that place and I have everything I need within my reach.”

However, he further stated that “I believe that something can be done about it. I will look into it to see something is done about it.”

While being questioned on the poor state of facilities publicly complained of in his faculty, the Faculty of Education President, Comrade Al-Mubarak, stated that the situation is now much better and that adequate measures are now being put in place to ensure there is a conducive environment for learning in his Faculty.

The Faculty of Arts President, Comrade Jaykay, stated that his administration is working effectively in ensuring that members of his faculty benefit from the projects and policies of his administration. He mentioned that he is passionate and committed to fulfilling his promises, and ensuring that his administration delivers quality.

However, despite repeated invitations from the organizers of the event, the President of the Faculties of Agriculture, Medicine, Nursing, Basic Medical Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine declined the invitations of the UCJ UNILORIN to be called to account and state the progress of their administrations in governing their faculty populaces.

The information arm of the Students Union is effective and efficient – SU PRO, O’Smart

The Public Relations Officer of the Students Union, Comrade Olabode Stephen (O’Smart) has assured the students’ populace that the information-dissemination arm of the Union has been up and effective, stating students have more access to information of happenings on campus.

He mentioned that his office has been responsive, and stated that the Union’s programs have been garnished with effective publicity, and promised the students that more is to be expected from his office.

The Social Director, Comrade B.Dol, while stating the progress of his office, affirmed that he is “proud that I have been delivering on my programmes in line with my office.”

While also stating the progress of work in his office, the Financial Secretary, Comrade Aina, complained that “my projects which could have help to promote all the entrepreneur programmes was not executed because it’s not approved by the Senate Council.”


I’m responsible to the students – Welfare Secretary, Comrade Ajayi

While addressing mental health issues among students and consideration of their welfare, the Welfare Secretary, Comrade Ajayi, stated “In every faculty, there’s a counselor. So any issue that is brought to my table as regards mental health is directed to the Director of the Counseling Unit.”

While also addressing the issue of being responsible to over 40,000 students, he proclaimed that “I’m responsible to the students, they voted me in. If you have any questions, walk up to me, I’ll answer you.” However, while speaking on the state of toilets on campus, the Welfare Secretary stated that the function of the Union is to implement and not execute projects.

The SU General Secretary, Comrade Adeleye Isaac, while enumerating on the efficiency of the Students Secretariat, mentioned that “anytime we see opportunities students can apply for, we send it to the students to apply. This is what I meant about scholarship opportunity”. He affirmed that his office, alongside the Publicity Unit, is working on awareness about the scholarship opportunities, stating that “we send it out and it circulates.”

The Students’ Union Vice President, Comrade Badru Haneefah (Annie) stated that the only thing in her manifesto that is not feasible is the job fair, mentioning that her office has delivered on ensuring that impactful programs are organized and policies are actualized and effected.

“The State of the Union a shit-show, UCJ executives have a beef with me” – SU Social Director, Comrade B.Dol declares

The Social Secretary of the Students Union, Comrade B.Dol, has accused the SOTU panelists and the UCJ UNILORIN of running a shitty program, and that the organization is out to ruin his official roles and duties.

This assertion was made after being asked to spell some words he got wrong in his manifesto during the SOTU program, a question he declared to be borne out of motive.

He mentioned that the Union has done the same during its last Press Night, stating that the move was to undermine his capability and efforts, an allegation denied by the event Chairman, Ajao Ifeoluwa Grace.

Due to these allegations, the panelists requested that the Social Director step down from the panel, a request he reluctantly did.

In response to this behaviour, the Faculty of Arts President, Comrade Jaykay, called the attention of the Senate President, stating that the behaviour is one out of many portrayals of character unbefitting of members of the Central Executive Council of the Students’ Union, and student representatives and leaders.

Also, the President of the Faculty of Law, Comrade Ibrahim Ismail Mojishola condemned the actions of the Social Director, and pleaded for leniency for the aggrieved executive to be allowed to proceed with his questioning by the panel.

“The Students’ Union does not seek relevance from anybody, the same way the Faculty Presidents should not seek relevance from any department body” – SU President, Comrade Omoluabi

The Students’ Union President, Comrade Taofik Waliu Opeyemi (Omoluabi) has stated that the organization he serves does not seek validation or relevance from anybody. This was started while giving account and progress of projects of the Students Union.

He mentioned that “the Students’ Union does not seek relevance from anybody, the same way the Faculty Presidents should not seek relevance from any department body. If I can discharge my responsibilities as a President, I have attained relevance.”

While speaking on the inadequacies of his team, he stated that he tries to make his team deliver regardless, saying that “you do not expect the same attributes from people that you work with as we are diverse. So, you just have to find a common ground to work together.”

He also denied the claims in his manifesto of he planning to construct a swimming pool, stating he only plans to facilitate it, not construct the same. When asked to state his capital projects, he recounted the capital projects of past administrations and asserted that the coming administration would recount and mention his.

When asked why mass failures are not challenged by the Students’ Union, the President replied that there is a lecturer assessment button on the portal and lecturers get disciplined if they go in contravention to their duties. He also confirmed that when there are issues of the sort and complaints are made, the SU officials go as a Student body to address these issues.

In addressing the water issues (scarcity and impurity) in the Lagos Male Hostel, the SU President stated that “the Hostel Manager is in charge of the hostels as half of the hostel payments go to the hostel managers so they are in charge. It is however our business because we have to cater to the welfare of students…”

“… It’s a small water plant that is used to deliver water to all hostels and offices in the institution. So we are waiting on the larger water plant to be ready”, Comrade Omoluabi stated.

He also promised that some projects and initiatives are forthcoming from the Students Union, towards the administration’s goal and zeal to be people-focused and to deliver value.

Senate Council minutes are not meant to be public – Senate President, Femi Fancy

The President of the Senate Council, Comrade Femi Fancy, has affirmed that minutes of the Senate Council are not meant for public consumption, and the Council is exploring other alternatives in ensuring that the public is in the know of the activities of the Senate to promote Council.

He stated that “ever since I have been in this school, the minutes have never been public. If you want to see the minutes, you have to come to the sitting.”

He affirmed that the relationship between the Central Executive Council and the Senate Council is cordial and that although there are disputes, the two arms find an amicable way of resolving them.

He also stated that the practice of addressing the Deputy Senate President as the Senate President during his absence, promoted by Senator Feyisara Rahmah, is now abolished as the Council gas resolved to treat the situation as the Senate President being in absentia. He also stated the Senate Council is working on curbing the use of unofficial terms or language, like addressing co-senators by nicknames, on the floor of the Senate proceedings.

He stated the council members are working on various constituency projects and that the arm is organizing a parliamentary summit, to promote accountability and transparency to the electorates.

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