May 17, 2022


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Students faint in the struggle to write exams

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By Abdullahi Ridhwan Adetutu

No less than ten students of the university of Ilorin fainted while on a queue for their examinations yesterday, 12th of July, at the institution’s Computer Based Test, CBT centres.

Preliminary finding shows that some other students sustained different degrees of injuries as result of a stampede that occurred at the examination centre. No fewer than ten students were reportedly rushed to the university’s health clinic while one was said to have been taken to the university teaching hospital for further check up.

“My friend was one of them..She was rushed to the clinic. The ones I know about are eleven people. It was because of the stress and pushing.”, narrated a student from the department of economics.

“I saw people collapsing. The stampede was really bad. I’m not an asthmatic patient but I couldnt breath probably like it was so deadly and dreadful. I injured my right arm. So many injured themselves all in the name of examination”, a student who simply identified herself as Mubashirah recounted.

“Yes I was at the CBT center for PLB 202 today. I witnessed 5 ladies collapsed before I finally gained entrance to the CBT hall. One collapsed under the CBT pavillion. Two ladies collapsed while being tightly packed like sardines on the queue. Another lady collapsed at the CBT checkpoint (1) near the security officials and the last I witnessed was a lady before the final checkpoint”, another student recounted.

Many other eyewitnesses confirmed that the incidence occurred as result of a rush that erupted in an attempt by the students to gain access to the halls for their examinations. 

“Please Unilorin should do something to it. Next week friday 19th of July, Ten department are having exam. Same as 26th of July, eight department are having exam 

I think the main cause of what happened today is the arrangement of the time table.”, appealed a 200 level student of department of Food Science.

The students had gathered as early as eight in the morning to write their examinations slated for less than four hours. A limited space of time allotted for the exercise that traditionally used to take a whole day.

According to the examination timetable as released by the centre prior to the institution’s exams, eleven courses examinations involving eleven departments from seven faculties, and to be written by roughly 10,000 students were fixed in between the hours of eight o’clock and 12noon on Friday.

Students faulted the arrangement in the timetable. Many opined that it was  the fault in the timetable that saw to the massive gathering of students at the same time with all trying to gain access into the examination halls in the bid to write before the Jummah service after which the centre would have been closed.

“The arrangement of time table was so unfair how can eleven department be having exam by 8am. Had it been they divided it like some 8am while some 11am at least it will not be that worst.”, a student faulted.

Meanwhile the Students’ Union’s leadership, in a  release co-signed by the Students’ Union’s president Comrade Oluseyi Animasaun, and the Union’s PRO, Isa Uthman Analyzer, late night yesterday, allayed fear of any death related incidence while apologizing for the discomfort experienced by the students.

“While it is true that some students lost consciousness, however no death or any near-death situations were recorded.

“Unilorites, we sincerely apologize for the discomfort experienced at the CBT centres today, and we already contacted the appropriate bodies to ensure that such bad occurrence does not repeat itself.

“The affected students have received medical attention and majority of them have already been discharged.”, the release reads in part.

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