May 25, 2022


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Students in Ilorin Protest over ASUU ongoing strike.

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By Olatunji Olaigbe

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, students of Nigerian tertiary institutions converged at the University of Ilorin school gate to protest the three-month long ASUU strike which was extended by another three months on Monday. 

The protest highlights the life and education of students suspended due to the strike and closure of school. “The ASUU strike has delayed my plans to finish school in four years and begin my life,” said Oluwatobi Adebara, the vice-president of University of Ilorin Life Sciences students association. “I came to school to study for four years and now everything has been put on hold.”

The effects of this current strike and the 2020 strike which lasted nine months has disrupted academic calendars across the nation, causing students to spend excessive time, money, and energy trying to study and graduate. “I’ve been in 400level for the past three years,” said Isaac Adeleye Adewale, the general secretary to the student union, University of Ilorin while speaking to members of the press. “I finished my last exams as a final year student on February 13 but I still don’t know when I’ll graduate.”

The protest was facilitated by the University of Ilorin students union and ended around 11:30am with the student union president — Waliu Taofik — thanking those who showed up and announcing the possibility of another protest. “ASUU and the federal government are resuming negotiations next week and we’re hopeful for a positive outcome, but if nothing is done, we’ll have to come outside and protest again, and this time we’ll have to march. I hope you all heed our call again,” he said.

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