May 17, 2022


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Students’ Union Bar holds Bar and Bench forum

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By Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez; LSS press

The Students Union Bar Association, an association comprising of Students Union Advocates, held her bar and bench forum on Thursday, 17th of January, 2019.

The forum, which was graced by members of the Bar and the Bench, discussed the topic: “Implementation of the E-Filing: Prospects and Challenges”.

The President of the Bar, Mr. Tajudeeen Habeebulah gave his opening speech and stated that the forum is to foster discussions and cordial relations between the Bar and the Bench.

The Chief Justice of the Students’ Union, Hon. Justice Ibrahim Haroon, also asserted that the forum is a veritable platform where the members of the Bar and Bench could meet outside the court.

The Chief Justice of the Law Students Society, Justice Abdulquadir Abdullahi M., also commended the efforts of the Students Union Bar in their efforts to raise the bar of the Bar.

The first phase of the lecture was handled by the Lord Advocate of Liberty Chambers, Mr. Bamidele Jamaldeen (SAU) who represented the Attorney General of the Students Union. He highlighted the benefits and challenges of the implementation of the E-Filing system in the Nigerian Judicial system and also stated that the Students Union Judiciary also tried to implement the system during the era of Justice Kolo-Manma Joana. He stated that the adoption of the E-Filing system in the judiciary would be a step in the right direction.

The forum’s second phase was facilitated by Justice Azeez Mujeeb Opeyemi, (JSU) who emphasized that the Nigerian judicial system is still struggling to implement E-Filing in the filing of court processes. He stated that the implementation would bring about efficiency which would greatly enhance the implementation of justice.

Questions and contributions were entertained and there was an interactive section where the members of the Bar and Bench rubbed minds together on matters that would go a long way in the upliftment of the Students Judiciary.

The closing remarks was given by Miss. Aderinto Halimah, the Vice-President of the Students Union Bar Association and the forum was officially declared close at about 6:00pm

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