May 26, 2022


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Students’ Union set to close down shops guilty of extortion

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Peter Christiana and Salman Ibraheem

The students’ union is set to lock down all shops found guilty of extortion or inflation of prices of items at the last sitting held on Saturday, 13th of April, 2019.

This was made known by Senator Tolu from faculty of Arts constituency on how some outlets within the campus have been inflating price of items.
He described it as ‘extortion’ and cited an instance of Pepsi Village, supplier of the products on campus, selling a bottle of Pepsi which is sold at the rate of 50naira for 70naira, and plastic ones at 120naira instead of 100naira.

Senator Tolu added that Zero Sugar (Coca Cola product) is sold at Item 7 for one hundred and fifty naira whereas some other outlets sell it at market price which is one hundred naira. He also made mention that the outlets selling foods need to be checked properly as to know the kind of food they serve us and inspect the environment this foods are being produced

Reacting to this, Students’ Union President, Comrade Animashaun advised that “All senators in their respective faculties should do an assessment of common items and give the house a feedback, including butteries in all hostels”

Prior to this, Senator Tweezy and the Senate Clerk added that the price of soft drinks at Iya Yusuf restaurant and stores at the College of Health Science should not be left out of the assessment respectively.

After much deliberation, a motion was moved and seconded that all shops found guilty of extorting students, after Monday’s assessment should be locked on Tuesday. Without any objections, members of the house supported the motion.

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