May 19, 2022


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Every guy wants to appear stylish, but he is hindered by the problem of not knowing how to go about it. There is this false notion that exists in the minds of some guys. They often assume that being fashionable requires them to go through a series of complex activities, follow some painstaking rules, and have a natural flair for fashion. The truth is, fashion is not all that difficult if you understand the fundamentals.

To become that stylish man you hope to be, all you have to do is apply certain basic rules when selecting what you want to wear, and voila, you are the guy every girl wants to be with, and every guy wants to become.

In this article, I’m going to be giving you some styling tips that can help step up your fashion game.

It all comes down to FIT.

When it comes to the buying and selection of clothes, a major factor that should determine the choices you make should be the fit of the clothes. Ensure that the clothing item properly fits your body frame and makes you feel comfortable while wearing it.

To a very large extent, what makes a shirt, trousers, tops, or blazers appear good or nice isn’t the brand, quality, color, or type, it’s the fit. For example, if you have a slim body frame, avoid wearing baggy/large-sized shirts and trousers.

Draw inspiration from others.

There is a popular saying that no man is an island. Every day, we find ourselves learning new things from the people around us, so, what better way to enhance your sense of style by observing certain individuals around you who have gotten to a point where they occasionally wow everyone with their incredible ensemble.

The advent of various social media apps makes it easier for you to connect with these individuals and explore their pages/accounts. Instagram is a notable picture-sharing app where you can find fashion inspiration through various accounts, posts, hashtags, and reels.

Confidence is important

Have you heard about the new IT clothing item for every man? It’s called confidence, and you need to get it. Do you know what makes you want to buy those fancy trousers you see a model wearing on the pages of a magazine? Sometimes, it’s not because of the beauty of the trousers, but the aura radiating from the model who is wearing them.

An outfit is never going to look good if the wearer lacks the confidence to pull it off. Confidence is important because it makes everyone who comes across you have the impression that you are conscious and proud of what you are wearing. It also causes you to enter a room with your head held high, allowing everyone to sense your personality and strong presence.

 Second-guessing also works.

Feedback is very important in your journey to becoming the stylish man you dream of. Remember that you are just starting, so there is a tendency for you to make mistakes. Seeking the opinions and views of people regarding what you wear, allows room for growth and improvement.

After dressing up, you could ask your relatives or friends to give you an honest assessment of how you look. This provides you with the opportunity to correct any mistakes in your outfit, thus preventing any form of public embarrassment.

Keep it plain and simple (KIPS)

Minimalism goes a long way in shaping your style. As a man, you don’t need to go overboard or extreme with your dressing; keeping it simple is much more effective. For example, the use of excessive accessory pieces should be avoided, and the wrong combination of different prints and patterns or bold colors of shirts and trousers should not be worn.

Step up your shoe game.

Dear guys, you do realize that sneakers and slides are not the only types of footwear that exist in the world. There are various male-oriented footwears, eagerly waiting to make you look like the king of style you were born to be.

Try switching things up by opting for more boots and dress shoes. Trust me, it will surprise you when the outfit you think looks good with a pair of sneakers looks way better with a pair of Chelsea boots.

Break free from the norm

It is time for you to step out of your comfort zone. Cut loose from the invisible rope that restrains you from exploring new clothing options, limiting you to repeating the same fashion choices every day. Fashion is all about taking risks. The only way you can be described as fashionable is if you take risks with your style.

The comfort zone in men’s fashion is mostly characterized by neutral colors. Most men have gotten used to owning only black, white, and grey shirts and trousers, so asking them to wear bold colors like red, yellow, blue, and pink will be like taking them to an alien planet. Don’t limit yourself to neutral colors only; try wearing bold colors at least once in a while.


Instead of wearing a white shirt with black pants, you could wear a red shirt with black pants. Take it one step at a time, and if you feel like bold colors aren’t your thing, try patterns and prints; they are easy to work around.


Want to make your combination of a shirt and trousers look more fun and phenomenal? Try adding a round-neck sweater and a trench coat to the mix.  It has become a habit for me not to step out of my house without a jacket or a blazer around my shoulders, regardless of the weather situation. I love wearing jackets because it creates many levels in describing the nature of my outfit, and makes it look less boring.

Layers are everything, and when properly executed, you leave people with a lasting impression of your distinct fashion sense.

Right outfit + occasion= Stylish man

Dress codes exist for a reason at events and gatherings. A dress code can be described as a set of instructions that informs you about what to wear. Adherence to dress codes at events compels people to take you seriously and want to interact with you.

Selecting the right outfit for an occasion is very important in building you up as a stylish man. Trust me; you don’t want to be seen at a formal event wearing a tank top and a pair of jeans trousers, while everyone is dressed in suits and cocktail dresses.

The next time you receive an invite or decide to attend an event, ask yourself, “What is the nature of the event?” Then contemplate what type of outfit best suits the scenery of the event. If you have any conflicting thoughts about your choices, remember that Google is your friend.

Define your style

We are all different, embracing our uniqueness is essential in helping us grow as individuals. Notable male-fashion icons are popular because of the individual style they offer to the world. Style varies for every guy, and it’s up to you to decide what your style is. You can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What clothing options are my favorites?
  • What fashion genre do I love to explore the most?
  • What clothes do I look my best wearing?
  • What is my ideal accessory piece? Etc.


Wristwatches, lapel pins, bracelets, chains, hats, brooches, crests, pocket squares, ties, e.t.c., add an extra sparkle to your outfit. An accessory is like the final piece that completes an outfit, attaining the perfection your appearance desperately needs.

Accessories, especially wristwatches, are fashion items that every guy should own and wear.  Incorporating them into your style elevates your status among your friends and members of society.

No limitations

Fashion is a form of expression. It provides you with an opportunity to get creative with your style, by exploring some unconventional clothing items. 

Bend the rules, write your own fashion story, and become a trendsetter. Never allow yourself to be restricted when it comes to expressing yourself through fashion. While others go zig, you go zag.


I hope these styling tips help you take the first step in your journey to becoming the stylish man you want to be. Remember, according to Act 1214 of the UAR constitution, it’s a crime if you don’t share this article with your friends. Just kidding, but please tell a friend to tell a friend about this article. Thank you.

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