June 30, 2022


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SU Court rules against Financial Secretary, excuses Students Union from breach

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Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

The Students Union Court has ruled that although the Financial Secretary has failed to publish accounts as enshrined by the constitution, the directive of the Student Affairs prevails.

This was stated in the judgment of Kolawole Islamiyat Oyindamola & anor. v. The Financial Secretary, Students Union on the 29th of November, 2021. The court, presided by Honorable Justice Usman Omopelumi Erinle, ruled that the school authority defense shall be applicable in this instance.

The matter, bothering on the interpretation and violation of Article 10E of the Students Union Compendium, had the complainants stating that the Financial Secretary is mandated under law to publish the Union’s accounts on all Faculty notice boards across campus and that the defendant is in breach of this provision.

The court held that the provision is mandatory and the Financial Secretary of the Students’ Union, Comrade Aina, is in breach. However, the court held that a new defense, “the school authority defense” would be applicable as the Student Affairs ordered the Financial Secretary not to publish the records as required.

Erinle JSU, while delivering the judgment, stated that “the school authority, through the Student Affairs, directed that the account should not be published. Based on this and in the evaluation of the evidence presented to that effect, the court finds relevant, admissible, conclusive and more probable the evidence so led.”

“Thus, the court holds that the defendants are excused of the legal consequence of the breach of their statutory duty.”

“The Union would not be a prodigal son turning deaf ears to the advice and the direction of the Father (The Student Affairs).”

The decision settles a time-long dispute in the student legal practice sector on the extent of applicability of the provisions of the SU constitution, in the face of the directive from the university management.

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