May 26, 2022


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SU empowers 41 students

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Salman Folohunsho and Peter Christiana

No fewer than 41 students benefited from the students’ union empowerment scheme held at the University auditorium, last Wednesday 17th April 2019

The organiser of the program and vice president of the union, Adeyi Kaosara (ABK), said over 400 students applied for the empowerment program.

According to her, “In line with the Investing in People mantra of the current administration, the students union has delivered on electoral promise”

As a gesture of goodwill, the chief executive officer of SEAP, Olatunde Oladokun promised to support the program with the sum of one million naira.

According to him, “The best students are not the best millionaires. The dropouts who look into the future are always the best when it comes to entrepreneurship”

He added, “One of my children was granted admission in the United States and in Ado-Ekiti. I decided not to pay his school fees and told him that I want him to learn a trade”

The guest speaker, Dr Nasir Abdulquadri speaking on the topic ; Entrepreneurship Mindset, said “The fact that you have learnt this skills does not mean you should sit with it. You should be able to make a difference between you and craftsmen out there”

“If you want to be like Versace, Gucci and the likes, you must not sit down with the vocational skills you’ve learnt. You should be able to run the acquired skills as a business” he said.

Among the items distributed on that day were sewing machines, livestock feeds, hair dryers, laptops, baking machines among others.

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