May 17, 2022


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SU Senate Council approves souvenir sharing formula

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By: Abdullahi Ridhwan A. Adetutu

The Student Union Senate Council approves the souvenir sharing formula proposed by the Student’s Executive Arm; the CEC during the SU Senate Council Plenary on Saturday May 5, 2018 at the Lecture Theatre 2, University of Ilorin.
The Student Union Executive Council, on the agreement of the souvenir sharing formula had sent a letter to the Senate Council seeking legislative approval. 
According to the letter as read by the Senate clerk, the souvenirs are to be shared among all the faculties as follow: Agric Sciences, 700; Arts, 600; CIS, 340; Health Sciences, 700; Engineering, 590; Education, 1000; Environmental Sciences, 250; Life Sciences, 570; Law, 200; Management Sciences, 590; Pharmacy, 90; Physical Sciences, 500; Social Sciences and Veterinary Medicines to have 600 and 250 copies respectively; totaling 6617 copies.
Senators however, sought to know how possible it was to share the souvenirs among the number of students that outnumbered the souvenirs. Sen. Gbemi queried the modality adopted to arrive at the sharing formula. Sen. Salami, Sen. Olaniyi, Sen. Abiodun were all of this opinion.
In addition, Sen. Nifemi from the faculty of Veterinary Medicines constituency observed that the supposed total number of souvenir was 6917 and now, it differed from the summation in the letter; however, there was an omission of about 300 copies.
In a timely reaction, the Students’ Union President reminded that the executive council had only sought for suggestions from the Senate Council and the sharing formula together with the channel for distribution was an exclusive responsibility of the Executive Council. In addition, Mr. President also cleared on the issue of the number of the souvenirs as- there was no discrepancy whatsoever.
The Senate President countered the position of the SU President, noted that faculties Presidents have no jurisdiction over the property of the Students’ Union. He was of the opinion that Senate Council holds the exclusive right to the distribution SU property. SU President further argued that according to the Constitution, custodianship of the Union property lies in the hand of the Welfare secretary of the Union.
The Senate clerk however submitted that it is well stated in the constitution, ways through which property should be distributed.
Sen. Keji raised an alarm over possibility of such souvenirs arrangement causing uproar in the school as from the formula; the number of students would surely surpass the number of distributed souvenirs. According to someone else, just 33 percent of the whole population could benefit from the distribution.
In his own suggestion, Sen. Olaniyi from Life Sciences constituency said all the principal officers across all levels of the Union should be exempted from being beneficiaries so that the items would reach a maximum member of populace. Senate President however objected and noted that everyone is entitled to it.
Senator Sanni of faculty of Arts constituency opined that only final year students should benefit as the junior levels students in due time would benefit from any SU program.
The motion that final year alone should benefit was rejected by the house. However, as moved by Sen. Nifemi, percentage and ratio formula were accepted and adopted.

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