June 30, 2022


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SU Senate Council cancels prayers at the sitting

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The Senate council of the Student Union has cancelled the saying of prayers at the sittings.

As a portion of the ongoing Constitution amendment started a couple of months ago, the Senate Council unanimously agreed to shelve saying prayers either at the beginning or at the end of the sitting. The reason for this was based on the secularity in the composition of the house.
While some of the members were of the opinion that the second stanza of the Nigerian National Anthem should be considered, majority believed that it would be better leaving prayers out of order.
In his own view, the Senate President opined that instead of not giving the provision a portion in the Constitution, it would be well heard of if one minute could be earmarked for such purpose being the best and general practice in the convention, and by extension, even in the most international gathering. The one minute allocation would allow individual to pray in his her own way albeit silence.

This suggestion from the Senate President did not hold water as the sitting at the end of the deliberation with a chorus obliterated the idea, hence abolished any statement of prayer at the sitting.


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