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SU Senate Council Screens Oratory Budget, other logistics

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The Student Union Senate Council, university of Ilorin has deliberated on the state of the Students Union property and a proposed budget by the student union Student Union Executive Council.
At the sitting, the house pointed out some discrepancies noticed in the report presented by the welfare secretary, Comrade Asukuti.
According to him, he argued that he can’t be held responsible for all of  the Union’s properties as some other people are saddled with the responsibility of looking of others work.
Senator Alausa Sanni, representing Faculty of Arts Constituency, in his observation stated that the Welfare Secretary did not verify the document presented to him by the former welfare secretary before presenting during the first Senate sitting, therefore he couldn’t reconcile both documents.
Another senator proposed that a handing over committee be organised for subsequent handing over. According to him, there’s a lacuna in the handing over processes.
The Senate president enquired if a proper handing over was done, within the 12 hour provided by the constitution. The welfare secretary responded that the handing over was done over a week after the swear in and that he believes same applied to all other union officials
Another senator proposed a way forward, stating that an investigation be carried out to verify the claims of the welfare secretary since he claims that he had verified the content of the document he presented.
A five man property assessment committee consisting of four senators from PS and one from COHS was constituted.
No working Wi-Fi at COHS
Wi-Fi at block 8 is passworded
No Wi-Fi at CISLT
No Wi-Fi at pharmacy
A Senator talked on a case of a Student that went to the School Clinic for Treatment, but was only given list of drugs to buy.
Senator Sanni commented on the level of sanitation in the School Hostels.
The house discuss on the situation of the Students Union Building.
SU President reacts to the issue of souvenir by confirming that the souvenirs are yet to be distributed.
A senator complained that, the souvenirs produced during the Eminent led administration were not adequately distributed to students.
Another senator reported that he had seen about four copies of the yet to be shared souvenirs with a student.
The President of the Student Union reaction:On Wi-Fi. He assured the house that, the union is working hard to make sure that students enjoy the service they’ve paid for.
On the issue of souvenirs, he said the last administration proposed 25000 copies of souvenirs and was passed by the house.
The President of SU Unilorin mentioned that the past Financial Secretary informed him on the mistakes in the figures.
Comrade Reedof also pointed out that, his Predecessor informed him that there were about 12000-14000 copies of Souvenirs said to have been produced by the last Administration and when his administration checked, the president confirmed, only 7,059 copies were left in the store.
Also, the house deliberated on the Students Union Oratory Contest organized by the Union of Campus Journalists, Unilorin. The house deliberated on why the Union should sponsor a UCJ program. Clarifications were made by both the SU and UCJ presidents.
The SU President  reaction on why the Union should sponsor the program organised by UCJ, was that, it has been the tradition since the inception of the contest.
Clarifications were made by both the SU and UCJ president. The House concluded that intended prizes which include; laptop, mini laptop and tab for the first, 2nd and 3rd positions respectively should be changed to cash prizes of #50 000 #30 000and #20 000 respectively.
The House also scrapped the presentation of medals to winners as proposed by the Executive Council. The use of Certificates for winners was approved at #200 per copy.
Also, the Senate approved the use of a Banner for Publicity at #4000. Refreshments were analyzed as follows.
Food for dignitaries cut down from #450 to #400 per plate.
On refreshment for the audience, a senator propose that only the contestant be provided for.
Counter motions were raised and the house decided to have doughnut at #40 for 500 persons.
Approval of table water at #14,700.
Production of T-shirts for the event was scrapped.
Production of 30 tags approved at #70 each.
Miscellaneous was unanimously scrapped
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