May 26, 2022


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 SU to stop gambling on campus

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The Senate Council in its meeting held Saturday 13th April has decided to stop immoral activities such as gambling on campus.

The decision was triggered by senator Bayo from faculty of arts who revealed that that students have been indulging in gambling activities at Pepsi village.

He described this act as immoral and urged that the act be curtailed with immediate effect.

University of Ilorin has been known for its high sense of moral values. Therefore, it is important to maintain what the school is known for. majority argued.

After much deliberation, the Senate council therefore reached a conclusion that gambling be ceased at Pepsi village as failure to abide by this would prompt a decision to put an end to the tennis game at Pepsi village.

The Senate council also concluded that investigations be done so as to reveal other nooks and crannies illegal or immoral activities are active.

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