May 19, 2022


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Sudden changes in portal countdown, SU president, Passion, clears the air

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By Eze Glory Chika

Abrupt changes in the number of days (as it were) for students to register their courses and make school fees payment occured on Tuesday, and since then, it has degenerated to controversies amongst the students populace.


In the bid to put things in a right perspective, the UCJ-UNILORIN has interviewed the Students’ Union president, Comrade Okoko Wisdom aka Passion and below is the excerpt:

UCJ-UNILORIN: What do you have to say about the decrease in the time limit for payment of school fees on our portal, which went from being 10 days to being 6 days on our portals on Monday?

SU President: The VC Academy is not around, but I’m to see her. According to the school calendar, how it has been, we have school fees for 2 weeks. To do our registration in 2 weeks, that’s 14 days. And then late registration for 2 weeks. It was supposed to go like that until when we had issues with our portal, and then after the portal was rectified, 18 days was added from the COMSIT guys which was against the normal 14 days, which is the normal duration for registration. And then it was an error on their own part, because they’ve been having issues with the portal and all that. I believe that what they just did was to adjust it and to make sure that what we have is correlating with the normal two weeks for school fees and course registration and after that, 2 weeks for late registration.

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