May 26, 2022


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Interview by Ogunsola Omowumi
Welcome to an exciting segment from the stables of the UCJ, this is where we interview your top Unilorin celebrities. Today we have EMAXEE a student of University of Ilorin, taking us through his musical journey and other things you would love to read about him. Have fun
OMOWUMI: May we know your full name?
EMAXEE: Oke Emmanuel Monjolajesu.
OMOWUMI: What year did you start music?
EMAXEE: Professionally 2017
OMOWUMI: What made you go into music, what was your motivation?
EMAXEE: I was looking for a way to express myself lol [SIC] because I find music very interesting
OMOWUMI: That brings us to the question, have you been able to express yourself as you wish?
EMAXEE: Yes, very well
OMOWUMI: We believe you are a student of university of Ilorin
EMAXEE: Yes I am
OMOWUMI: What course and what level?
EMAXEE: Economics, 300level
OMOWUMI: We understand economics is not cupcake and iced tea, how do you combine your studies with your musical career?
EMAXEE: I don’t know book [SIC]… It’s very hard to combine though but I don’t enjoy economics
OMOWUMI: Since you don’t enjoy economics can we say you don’t like school?
EMAXEE: No, absolutely not! I like school, I don’t just like studying what I don’t enjoy in school. If I am studying something else it would have been better
OMOWUMI: What course would you have loved to study?
EMAXEE: Film making or performing arts. It’s stressful though but It would have been fun
OMOWUMI: You sure have a different thing in mind, did you apply for economics?
EMAXEE: No, I chose it because I failed literature in secondary school and I did not want to do another WAEC
OMOWUMI: So, back to music: Do you plan on going into music full time after school?
EMAXEE: Hmmm[SIC], That’s deep, music to me is not a job or work like banking, teaching, music is something I enjoy, it’s like eating food and drinking juice so am not planning to do it full time. I have other jobs I will focus on
OMOWUMI: What other jobs?
EMAXEE: Film making to be precise
OMOWUMI: You really must like film making, do you plan on featuring in any movies before you leave school?
EMAXEE: I don’t know yet, I want to do more of directing though
OMOWUMI: Are you a songwriter?
OMOWUMI: What is your drive for writing songs?
EMAXEE: Situations.
OMOWUMI: (cuts in) Happenings around I suppose
EMAXEE: Exactly
OMOWUMI: How many songs do you have now?
EMAXEE: I can’t count them but officially, I have 12
OMOWUMI: Asides singing, songwriting and filmmaking, what other things do you do?
EMAXEE: I love meeting new people, so I spend time talking to people and I also do graphics
OMOWUMI: May we go a little personal? Are you in a relationship?
EMAXEE: I have never had a girlfriend; I don’t know how it feels to be loved by a girl
OMOWUMI: So, we can tell your female fans out there that the space is open right?
EMAXEE: There is no space, man’s busy[SIC]
OMOWUMI: Thanks for the audience
EMAXEE: Thanks for having me
To our esteemed celebrity we wish you a great journey ahead…
Hope you enjoyed your reading join us next week Sunday for another gist with another top Unilorin celebrity.Happy easter

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