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University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
Hello there!,welcome to a new year and of course our first interview for the year! Our guest today is the popular student entrepreneur,Babalola Oluwatofunmi Esther,CEO WhiteHouse Couture sharing her dreams,inspirations amongst others. (Interviewer:Okorite Joy Harry) Excerpts: Can we meet you? I am Babalola oluwatofunmi Esther You are a student of the University Of Ilorin, what department and level? I am in faculty of Agricultural science Department of agriculture 400 level When did WhiteHouse Couture kickstart? This brand started 2016…I was in 100 level then Wow!,starting a business in 100 level is always a little difficult I must say, due to new environment and the rest. How did you cope and how have you been coping? I know right! Actually I have been in Ilorin since 2014,I was Working for someone while waiting for my admission which I ended up getting in 2016.It has been really been tedious,combining school and work,but,the act of having priorities, accepting the fact that no success in the comfort zone and restlessness has brought me this far. Oh, that’s great! So its in place to say the brand would be four years old this year? You have done a good job for yourself I must say (Smiles)Yes,we will be four years October 27 this year. Thank You even though we haven’t reached there yet (Smiles)You are heading there (smiles) Yes by His grace It is known that some fashion designers specialize in an area,do you have a specialization in the fashiom industry? Hmmm… Actually I am all round for now… I do both male and female, native and English wears Really? That’s huge! Yeah… I could do fine doing them… So why let a job slide?(laughs) Apt!, So,lets go a little personal…What do you do if you are not in class or sewing or sleeping or reading? My social life yeah? l love personal space alot… I could go see a movie or see a movie on my laptop… Or I should be in church,or be out with friends which is rare. Lol,so its appropriate to say you are an introvert? (Laughs) No.I am an ambivert Lol, roger that!,so is Funmi in a relationship? (smiles)No Alright,back to your business, what brought about the name “WhiteHouse “ Hmm… This story makes people laugh,actually I was praying for a name to use…had alot of ideas…Then that day.. I went for a vigil at church,I heard centre of excellenceSo I was wondering,like God spoke to me…if centre of excellence is Lagos I had to think it through about one of the most excellent place in the world and that is the Whitehouse(smiles) So I decided to use Whitehouse_couture Wooww!,I’m really taken aback!This is really nice,so its safe to  say you are a religious person? Religious..I should say yes…Because i so much fear when God is not directing my actions Alright,what is your philosophy about life?Trust your guts and process,And ALWAYS INVOLVE GOD… Every breath is an opportunity to affect another life…even in my own little way… That is living life to me. Hmm,inspiring! As a fashion designer of four years or even more, what has been the most challenging thing you face or find in the industry? Human beings… Hmmm On every job.. Even while giving my best, Human satisfaction is still the most challenging.So,no matter how beautiful an attire is,if a client doesn’t like it.. It is as good as ugly(laughs) We Thank God so far though,we have made people smile and speechless when they come for fittings. (Smiles),substantial! What advise do you have for upcoming student fashion designers who are looking up to you? Firstly… Success is never in the comfort zone. Most people out there use the phrase… “I can’t kill my self”, “I hate stress” etc Even the Bible says it is good for a man to bear his yoke while he is a youth!!! Second, SELF DEVELOPMENT and BRANDING, the secret of every brand that wants to succeed…


Thoughtful, I’m sure this would inspire them as it as me…Where do you see yourself in five years time? Wow,we are taking territories…. i won’t have to Introduce myself to people In Jesus name. Splendid!,Wishing you greater heights in your business,thank you for granting an interview
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