August 4, 2021


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Hello there and happy Sunday!, welcome to another exciting interview. Today, our Sunday’s Sun is the popular Usman Abdulrahman of INKS CREATION,a graffiti artist and a dancer. (Interviewed by Ogunsola Omowunmi) Excerpts: Omowumi: My name is omowumi,Can we meet you? Inks Creation: My name is Usman Abdulrahman  Also know as Inkzbaba Omowumi: Nice what exactly do you do? Inks Creation: I’m a muralist, A graffiti artist And also a professional dancer Omowumi: Wow, so much for a student What level and department are you? Inks Creation: 😂 Inks Creation: Quantity surveying 500lvl Had an extra year due to some stupid reasons tho But I can say I’m in 600lvl 😂 so 500lvl it is Omowumi: Ohh so sorry about that Omowumi: So how did the name inkzbaba came to be Inks Creation: Ok the name inkz came from the part of the Bible where God sent his hand to write on the wall and was inked… that’s where inkz came from and became Inkzcreations and then inkzbaba came from a friend of mine Nas He started calling me Inkzbaba And the name sticked lol Omowumi: You sound religious… Inks Creation: 😂 Omowumi: When did you start designing and dancing officially Omowumi: I know you design but I don’t know you dance too Inks Creation: I started dancing professionally when I left secondary school then I started appearing in music videos when I was in 300lvl I started painting professionally January 6th 2019 I was just painting on a low before then Inks Creation: Yea I do In fact that’s what I started with Omowumi: Wow music video that’s really big Omowumi: Which videos have you featured in Inks Creation: Olamide x humble smith : abakaliki 2 lasgidi Patoranking x walid: naman ganni Timaya : ablemblem A star : solegè Oladipps x generous x Dj osh: gbabelebuè Cdq: wereyo Tiv : wá wà alright Skales : ego Skuki : owello Hiptv montage by koker And more but That’s the ones I remember Omowumi: how were you able to combine all this with academics Inks Creation: Twas really hard I won’t lie That’s part of the reasons why I have an extra year Inks Creation: Lol Omowumi: Ohh so are you taking break from the entertainment world for academics Inks Creation: I’ve learnt to balance the two so it’s cool for me now Omowumi: Okay! Good Omowumi: So if you are to choose between being a dancer and a graffiti artist, which would you pick Inks Creation: 😩 Inks Creation:(laughs) Omowumi: Lol Inks Creation: That’s like asking me to choose between eating coleslaw and eating goat meat Omowumi: So which one would to prefer Omowumi: Would you Inks Creation: They both bring happiness But graffiti brings more money … so I’ll choose graffiti Omowumi: You like money Inks Creation: Yes oooo😂 Omowumi: So let’s go a little personal Inks Creation: 🌚 Omowumi: Are you in a relationship Inks Creation: No I’m not Omowumi: Why Omowumi 👸🏽: You can’t tell me you have not found your miss right😁 Inks Creation: I haven’t ooo I thought I had but we broke up last year October Inks Creation: So I’ve been single since then Omowumi: (laughs) Its fine, if you are not dancing or designing what do you do Inks Creation: I would do fashion designing Inks Creation: I sew too Omowumi: All in one…whole meal Omowumi: But if you are not working at all, how do you relax Inks Creation: 😂 Inks Creation: Ik! Inks Creation: I just listen to music and probably invite friends over But most times I’m all by myself Omowumi 👸🏽: What is your motive, what has kept you going despite all odds Inks Creation: Ok going down memory lane I decided to be the best the day some people I used to call family insulted me for painting their door for free I just started painting then so they saw my painting as nonsense Tears came out my eyes and I told myselfi was gonna get better at graffiti and I was gonna be a hot cake and these people that has laughed and insulted me will find me Inks Creation: That’s what inspired me and kept me going till now Inks Creation: Striving to be the best in what I do Inks Creation: And guess what Inks Creation: They called me and begged for me to paint for them with the little money they had lol Inks Creation: I just collected money for paint and did the painting free of charge Omowumi 👸🏽: Wow that’s great!,What Words of encouragement to people out there, any one and everyone Inks Creation: Ok I’ll say time, hard work and dedication changes everything… just keep doing what you know how to do best… Inks Creation: And pray Inks Creation: Every other thing would fall in place Omowumi: Thank you so much for your time, I wish you the very best In all you do

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