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University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria

Welcome to another Sunday,our Sun today is the beautiful,creative and famous CEO of HB Pastries.

Enjoy the interview!

(Interview by OMOWUNMI)

Omowumi: My name is Omowumi, can we meet you?

HB: My name is Halima Badmus

Omowumi: What exactly do you do?

HB: I’m a student and a baker☺️

Omowumi: What department and level are you?

HB:: Mathematics ,400

Omowumi: So how have you been able to combine your academics with baking?

HB: Not been easy, I have a timetable There’s time to make money and time to read

Omowumi: So let’s say you like money then😊How did you come about with your brand name,HB PASTRIES?

(One of HB Pastries work)

HB: H B pastries.Halimah badmus

Omowumi: Ohh nice!,Why choose baking and not other professions?

HB: I love cake a lot, I eat cake a lot

Omowumi: So it started from your own personal love for cake? Great! When and where did you learn how to bake?

HB: From @lawlahsweets, 2017 ending

Omowumi: Is the person in Ilorin?

HB: No She’s in Lagos now She was in ilorin

Omowumi: Okay, how was learning and studying for you? because it seems like you combined studies with learning

HB: Learning how to bake?

Omowumi: Yes

HB: I think it was during the holidays Just 6weeks

Omowumi: Ohh,beautiful. Lide before being a baker and life now, what can you say about it? I mean how has baking affected you positively and negatively

HB: Positively Hmm A lot ☺️.Amazing personalities.People I never imagined I’ll meet I’ve met lots of amazing customers🥰 More connect, I hope your get what I mean😀

 Omowumi:Lol,I do. So what about the negative side

HB: Negative sides ? They’re negative sides though Just that I can’t really think at the moment.

Omowumi: What can you say about the males’ that are also baking?

(One of HB PASTRIES work)

HB: Yeah, they’re exceptional beacuse a lot of people think baking is for ladies alone. They should keep up the good work and keep making themselves proud

Omowumi: So how lucrative is baking? HB: It is. 60/70 I’ll say :You just have to learn the act of saving

Omowumi: So if you were not baker, what other handiwork would you have learnt?

HB: I love making hair  So let’s say I’ll be hair stylist Omowumi: That’s beautiful.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years

HB: In a beautiful home, perfect family (ameen) I would love to have different branches of my bakery all over In Sha Allah.

Omowumi: Wishing you greater heights,thank you for granting an interview!

HB: Amen,thanks for having me

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