May 26, 2022


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In this exclusive interview with Abdul’Hakeem Ogundipe, Frank Edoho shares why the popular Who Wants to be a Millionaire ended and more, have fun

PS. This is his first interview in 6 years so you should make sure to read through

Where is Frank Edoho now, outside Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
I’m where I’ve always been. Who wants to be a millionaire is just… in the beginning I’m a producer; I’m a producer that just knows how to present; that loves broadcasting is passionate about it and followed it, I also have production in my mind, content provision and all that, I’ve been doing that on the side so when Who Wants to Be A Millionaire ended I just went back to what I was doing. We wanted to do “The Price is Right”, it’s a new show I got the job to do but it’s a bit difficult because in our economy it’s very difficult to get sponsors of a talk show, it’s been difficult to put it off the ground but we’re still trying.
Precisely, when did Who Wants to Be A Millionaire start in Nigeria?
Were you the pioneer host?
Of course, I did it for thirteen years, and I can rightly tell you that you cannot do a show like that if you don’t study. You cannot just wake in the morning and just go and do it, you have to be prepared. 
Do you mind sharing why WWTBAM ended?
It just ended, it was on for thirteen years, it had to end sometime. We did it for thirteen good years, that’s the longest running TV game show in Nigeria ever, unfortunately, we had to stop, people still say we should go back but in this economy it’s very difficult to get sponsors for that show because every time someone is in the hotseat you have to make sure that 10 million naira is ready, then in a show you can have two to three contestants; you need money for that, you need money to entertain the audience, the audience also win money every week, they win eight hundred thousand naira every episode, and we used to shoot three episodes in a day, that’s 2.4 million, you also have to pay for cameras, lights, microphones, sound equipment and the people manning it, you have a director, sound director, technical director, floor manager, seven cameramen, the producer, you have the research team, you also have the IT guy who’s firing up the questions, you have to run an organisation if you want to do Who Wants to be A Millionaire and how are you going to pay for that organisation if you do not have money or if you do not have sponsors? It’s good we rest it until we have that big box
Was remuneration a problem?
I’m not saying remuneration was the problem, I’m saying we ended the show, we stopped the show because of the adverse economic situation. Let me put it right so that people don’t misquote me or misinterpret what happened, we were going to stop, as a matter of fact we took a break, but starting again we couldn’t get the money because we worked with a lottery commission and they would ask if we have the money to pay if someone wins 10 million naira three times on that episode; and we used shoot three episodes per day, that means there’s possibility that nine people will win or let’s say six people, that’s 60 million naira. You need to have double of that amount lying around. You also have to cater for home-play and you cannot do from hand-to-mouth, the money must be there. When we wanted to start, the offers were down because of the adverse economic effect, there was nothing we could do so we had to stop it instead of taking risks
If given the chance, if the funds are available, will WWTBAM kick off again?
I’m not in position to say that because I don’t own the show, I was presenting but I’m sure the owners of the show would jump at the chance
You’re passionate about football
Cuts in… I play football
Asides that, football trends are also noticeable on your twitter handle, would you have loved to go into football as a profession?
I followed football right from when I was a kid so I have a fair understanding, I actually am a footballer pretending to be a producer (laughs), in my body, I am a footballer but I’m just pretending to be a producer, that’s how I look at it but football is really my life, I’m very passionate about it
Asides football and broadcast, what else do you do?
Oh! Playstation, football on Playstation, it’s the same thing; I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I like traveling with my family, my wife likes traveling a lot and I work with my wife a lot, I do a lot of her media work and stuff like that, as a matter of fact, I’ve learnt how to make studying my hobby, so it’s enjoyable.

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