May 19, 2022


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Welcome to another episode of SUNDAY’S SUN,today we have one of UNILORIN’s amazing entrepreneur and the faculty of Arts social Director,Fade of Fadey’s World as she takes us through her business,personal life and more. Happy Reading!

(Interview by Ogunsola Omowumi).

Can we know your full name? 

I’m Adewola Adejumoke Faderera.

We are aware you a student of Unilorin can we know your department and level? 

English department. 400 level

You are one of the university’s student entrepreneur, what exactly do you sell? 

I am an entrepreneur/business woman who deals with fashion items.

You sell all types of fashion items?

Yes I do, I sell male and female clothing items. 

I sell male and female foot-wears which include sneakers, sandals, perms and the likes. I also sell wristwatches for both parties.

As the faculty of Arts social director,an entrepreneur and a student, how do you manage all?

It’s been God all the way. Then proper planning and preparation. Zero procrastination and studying hard.

I can see you must be a scholar
(Smiles) Amen o

What do you do during your leisure time you know all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Planning of events most time. I also attend events and then I love to hangout with my friends.

Why a fashion entrepreneur if I may ask?
Is it your love for fashion or what?

Yes. I actually like it when people look very good. So I help in bringing those dreams to reality by providing nice and affordable fashion items for them.

That’s great!
Can we go a little personal?


Are you into any relationship? 


So we can tell them you are off the market?


Moving forward, do you wish to continue this business after school or you want to go for a white collar job?

I’m going to combine the two. Work in the office during weekdays and attend to my store at weekends.

We wish you the best in all your endeavors and thanks for you time

Thanks ma’am

Thanks for the read and stay tuned for another next sunday!
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