May 26, 2022


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We welcome you to another exciting episode of the sunday’s sun where you get to know more about UNILORIN students celebrities. Also, we do exclusive interviews. Today, we’d be interviewing the young fast rising blogger, ZAGA EMPIRE,a student of UNILORIN…relax get a popcorn and enjoy….happy reading
(Interviewer:Ogunsola Omowumi) 

My name is Omowumi can we get to know your full name? 

Hello Omowunmi,
I’m Tijani Azeez Feranmi 

You are a student of Unilorin,what level and department?  
I’m in Human Kinetics Education (HKE), 200L

 I love human kinetics alot… You do like sport I guess? 

Nice…Well Not really but I love the course people don’t believe it sha but I do 

Can you please enlighten us on what you do? 
I run an online entertainment blog, ZagaEmpire ( At ZagaEmpire delivers hot Nigerian Music, Videos, Entertainment gist and new contents on a daily basics to Nigerians and the world as a whole.
Also at ZagaEmpire we run effective music/video promotion for artist.

Fantastic! so what brought about Zaga Empire? 

My passion for Music and entertainment as a whole made me start. 

Hmmm… so why go into blogging since you liks music? Cause one would have thought you would be an artist.  

Well for me I don’t think Music is what you can just go into when you don’t  have the talent, so I didn’t bother trying to fit myself in what I don’t fit it so I won’t be like some wack artist in the music scene that I don’t want to mention their names(lol) .

(Smiles) So you don’t have the talent? 

No I don’t, but I have talent In promoting music(Lol) 

Not bad, so how did you come about the name “ZAGA EMPIRE”? 
People call me ZagaWizzy back then as my nick, So when I started blogging I started with ZagaBaze , but later I have to change name due to one reason or the other , so a friend (Adeayo Omotayo “NAS”) of mine gave me two options which is ZagaEmpire or ZagaKingdom then boom I picked ZagaEmpire, and that was how I came about the name .

Do you see blogging as a lucrative business? 

Yes I do

So could that mean you must really making a lot of cash? 

How have you been able to build up ur brand I mean you know there are other people into this blogging and infact these days PRs takes bloggers work too,  what makes you stand out? 

The major key is consistency and also with the support of my families, friends and fans .

So Majorly what has keeps you going is support?  

Yea , Support form my mum and siblings, Support from my hood “Ikorodu”, Support from my course mates from HKE, and support form my friends and fans all around the universe keeps  Zaga Empire going. 

Are there challenges associated with blogging? 

Honestly there are lots of challenges associated to PR and Blogging but the major ones are
• Lack of electricity bloggers make use of electronic tools like computer, mobile phones and this devices requires electricity in other to function.

• Poor Network service: This especially can be really frustrating.

• High rate of data charges .

• Hackers also are one of the challenges

Since you make alot of cash high rate of data charges shouldn’t be a problem 
Lol, ZagaEmpire is not making big money yet ooo , we are still earning petty money but the hope is strong,
If the likes of Linda Ikeji, Naijaloaded, Tooxclusive can make it through blogging, I can also. 

I love your optimism… seeing your so busy schedule how do you make time for ur academics,since your course too is time consuming? 

Honestly even me myself can’t explain how i am into blogging and still cope with academics, All on God

All on God… so asides being the CEO of ZagaEmpire what else do you do? 

Asides blogging, I sew but not a professional and I do sport. 

Great, so what do you think about the Nigeria entertainment industry? 

When it comes to entertainment in Nigeria, we are one of the best in the world and I will give kudos to all entertainers in Nigeria for doing us proud in the Entertainment sector .
Nigerian musicians are smiling to the bank, having experienced a boom in digital sales, downloads and online streaming.
Current trends have also shown an increase in the demand for Nigerian films and music worldwide.

The only thing that I think should be tackled seriously in the entertainment industry is the issue of piracy.

Yes, Piracy is really affecting the entertainment industry. We pray they find solution to  it


Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Do you still think you would be able to continue with blogging? 

Well I see myself as one of the most successful and established blogger in Nigeria and Africa,

I don’t think 5 years is enough to take over the world so I won’t mention the world. 
The dream is big, if God is not stopping me I see no reason why I should continue doing what I like to do .
Anything can happen… 
we sure wish you the very best in all your endeavors, thank you. 

Amen and thank you too. 

Thank you for reading, do anticipate another next week sunday,if you have any you want us to interview, kindly leave a comment or contact us.Have a lovely week ahead…

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