May 26, 2022


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Hi lovelies welcome to another episode of Sunday’s Sun and today we’d be interviewing Oluwabukayo or Jay as she is fondly known of the JAYS EVENTS PLANNING AGENCY. Join us as she takes us through her journey as an event planner, student life and the rest…
(Interview by Ogunsola Omowumi) 

Can we know your full name? 

Oluwabukayo Joledo

What do you do? 

I’m a Student of Unilorin and
 an event planner

What level and department are you?  

200 Level
Primary Education Studies

When did events planning begin for you? 

March, 2018

It’s not that long…what and what prompted you to event planning? 
Yes, it isn’t.
OK first of all, I had no idea I was going to venture into event planning.
Prior to this , I had ventured into a couple of things.
However, I had been doing kids events at home but since I was in a university environment; you definitely know kids are not the target market.
Then, I realized I had a talent that I could convert to money (You know everything needs money) so I started small and got some links to some people who did great events.
These people trained me and I started handling some events.

So you would say event planning brings lots of cash? 

Contrary to what people think, it’s not immediately.
You have to make a lot of sacrifices first.
Plus, most people at this point call themselves event planners, so they are wondering why they should hire an event planner.

What do you think makes you stands out among other event planner? 
I can’t say I’m the best; but I am aiming for it.
I think the difference is I have experience, knowledge (from taking online classes and learning under some people too) and passion
Passion makes the big difference.

So what do you do asides event planning? 
I’m actually a very low-key person.
But I like reading novels and listening to music.
I stay indoors if it’s not meetings, events or class.
Plus, I teach at home kids

Do you see yourself doing this in the next 5years? 

Why not?
By God’s grace 

Who and who do you look up to? 
Zapphaire Events
Alveena Events
Fabulous Events
Smade Events
And a couple of others in Kwara State

What exactly does event planning entails? 
Alot but to mention a few;
– Ability to handle pressure perfectly or almost Perfectly
– A very calculating mind
– Ability to carry out feasibility studies in a short period of time
– Good Customer care (You must be ready to face dissapointments and rude people with a smile; the customer is always right)
– An open mindset to take corrections and learn

And many more actually.
I can’t list all
I’d just advice anyone to take some online professional courses

Ohh that’s great, 

Speaking about pressure what has been your greatest challenges? 
Everyone wants a free job or wants to pay less and get high quality.
Then they’ve not know the value of event planners yet, they feel they can do the events themselves and they tend to make you feel bad when they charge you.

What do you think can be done to change the orientation of people about event planning? 
Like you said some people think they can do it themselves
Yes sure
Some people can do it themselves, no doubt.
But an event planner is to reduce the stress of the client.
So for one, I think people should understand that events planning is a job, so we deserve to be paid.
It’s a service provided.
We should be trusted to carry out our jobs and everything will go smoothly by God’s grace.

Do you think it’s branding that makes people respect event planner? 
Your branding for any job whatsoever makes a difference.
It’s important to grow yourself and make yourself stand out.

Does Jay’s Events Planning Agency own a subsidiary? 

Yes, I also own a subsidiary called Jay’s Mobile Buffet

Would you say starting event planning  involve much capital?  
Not really.
But it depends on what aspect you are going into.
But branding and some additional props costs the most.

As an event planner do you think it’s really necessary to know about decorations and catering services and so  on?  
In my own opinion, yes.
If not, you might be cheated on and be oblivious.
But if you know a little about it, you can advice clients with or without the others presence. 

How often do you get jobs and does it really involves connections and knowing alot of people? 

Do you think people that are not connected or do not know people cant really make it in this job? 

Well, I’m on a couple of shows on and off campus but as much as I want to have a lot of shows, you have to choose your events at a point.
Furthermore, school is still there too. Lol
You have to also know the right people to connect you to people needing your services , your contact list is very important.
Anyone can connect themselves, sure there is a place for getting connections, but your works will speak for you if you are really good and that’s how recommendations come in.

What advice do you have for people that are interested in going into event planning and the upcoming event planners,  those just building their names. 
Please, I’m also upcoming ma.
If you have job for me, I’m available. Lol.
But honestly , just be you.
Try to develop yourself and network. whatsoever makes a difference.
It’s important to grow yourself and make yourself stand out.

Thank you for your time, we really do appreciate and we wish you the best in all you do.

Join us again next week folks for another exciting episode with one student celebrity or an exclusive interview might also come your way next week! …have a lovely week ahead😘😘

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