May 19, 2022


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Happy Sunday dear all and welcome to another edition of Sunday’s sun. Today, we’d be interviewing OLAWUWO OLAJIDE AKA FOCUS,a student of University of Ilorin of course and an entrepreneur!

(Interview by Ogunsola Omowumi) 

Omowumi: My name is Omowumi, can we know your your full name? 

Focus: I am olawuwo Solomon Olajide popularly known as FOCUS. 

Omowumi: What department and level are you? 

 Focus: Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages, YORUBA MAJOR. A 300l student

Omowumi: Wow! So what exactly are you into aside school? 

 Focus: I am into event decoration as well as a site man. Specialised in Casting and Laying of interlocking and kerbs. 

Omowumi: That’s much,how do you cope with all this together with your studies? 

Focus: Well, I will like to say for a successful man in life, planning matters most. If you fail to plan, you will definitely plan to fail. Its not an easy task though, but one thing that I do is that, i set my priority well. I only do all this sometimes when we are on break or, during school session before exams starts.

 I never allow that to affect my academics, as a matter of fact am not lagging behind academically.

We know you are also into politics even though you did not state it above. 
So how do you manage that too

Focus:  Yes I am. 
Thank you. 
 I want to be guided and conscious of what I will say because of my ambition.
I’m as well in to politics, as a matter of fact I am the ASSISTANT GENERAL SECRETARY OF THE FACULTY OF ARTS STUDENTS ASSOCIATION.

 Omowumi: (Smiles) 
 How has been the post so far? 

Focus: Like I said earlier, planning is the main thing if you want to achieve in life. Although, it hasn’t not been easy, but with the help of God we are coping.

In addition, before you go engage yourself into extra curricular activities, you must have known yourself and examine yourself to know if you can cope or not, then, if you are in it you should know how to balance everything that one won’t affect the other.
Have been enjoying it cos it has in one or the other added to my experience in leadership as well exposed me to know how to manage conflicts, how to manage people and to lead a larger percentage of people without compromising. Though it has been tasking.

Omowumi: What can you define leadership to be(in your own terms)? 

 Focus: Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximise efficiency and to achieve organisational goals. Leadership is an essential part and a crucial component of effective management.
Leadership is about showing someone a future we would come back for it together.

Omowumi: So are you planing to go for another post since this one is already coming to an end? 

Focus: Absolutely.

 Omowumi: Can you let the cat out of the bag? 

Focus: I don’t understand

Omowumi:Tell us what post you are going to aspire for

Focus: Am not permitted to declare it now according to constitution, so as not to use it against me on the day of screening.

No aspirant is permitted to declare his ambition to the populace of barn has not been lifted.

Omowumi: Ohh okay so is it SUG level? 

Focus: Faculty

Omowumi: Okay

Omowumi: So what inspired you to go for event decorations because most people believe it’s a ladies job. 

Focus: Yea, I love beautifying environments. Making environment looks decent and beautiful is what I love most, also, I love creativity.

Omowumi: So there are similarities between decoration and  interlocking you are also into?

Focus: Somehow,because interlocking as well is for beautification. 
Omowumi: When did all these start all this

Focus: I started as far back as 2010

Omowumi: That is really long! 
What has kept you going? 

Focus: Determination, encouragement, above all FOCUS.

 Without determination would equal to naught.

There are a lot of hurdles, obstacles, discouragement, but with the help of God, I keep on moving and that makes me to overcome every hurdles. In addition, as a leader you need to have a team, my team as well contributed to my success. Its very important to move with the like minds people.

Omowumi 👸🏼: Hmm, inspiring! Thanks for your time! 

And that would be all for today’s imterview! Join us again next sunday with another student entrepreneur! 

Have a lovely week ahead! 

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