May 19, 2022


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” _To be frank Everyone can’t vote_” -Aluko Ahmad

Welcome to another episode of Sunday’s Sun,trust you missed all our juicy interviews! 

Today we have Aluko Ahmad, the past ISEC chairman for the Unilorin student’s union election,
Get a drink and enjoy!
(Interview by Ogunsola Omowumi)

*my name is Omowumi, can I meet you*?

I am Aluko Ahmad. An “awaiting” graduate of Unilorin, faculty of CIS.

*Apart from being a student do you have other things you do?* 

Not really. But once in a while I write articles, majorly non-fictions.

*You are also a member of the union of campus journalist?*

Yes ma. A proud member

*(Smiles) Does writing brings in money for you?*

I don’t think I have ever gotten money from writing, maybe because I did not commercialise my writings. I seldom forward them out, I just write and keep in my Google Drive.

*Have you ever thought of going into writing full time?*

Hmmmmm…. For now, No but maybe later in future, I may.

*Okay. It was said that you were the chairman ISEC for the last student union election*

Yeah. I forgot to say that, I think it’s true. (Laughs)

*Smiles, how did that happened,Because as far as I know, it’s against the rules of the Union of campus journalists for pressmen to be part of the student union body*

Hmmmmm. I planned on writing a kind of resignation letter from the UCJ but the president then, told me I should just write a letter of absence or something like a withdrawal for the duration of my service and I did, during that time, I was removed from the group and stopped from attending congress.

*How were you able to emerge as the ISEC chairman?*

That is a long story,But then, it was the will of God.

*(Smiles) We have all the time,do cut it short*

I was a member last year, so I had the privilege of returning for an official post

*You were also a member of the UCJ then* ?

No. I joined UCJ in my final year

*Was it your passion for writing that drove you into joining the UCJ*

Yeah. I love writing but I don’t like publicity, I wanted to meet people of like minds and develop my writing skills

*I hope you were able to fulfil all these?*

To some extent, yes

*As the chairman ISEC how would you rate the just concluded students union election?*

It was fair and free but you know, you can’t satisfy everybody. Just like life, election is a pendulum, it swings in different directions. The way it swings to you may be different to the way it swings to others

*True. The voting was online, how did you think that helped in the election? 
Practically, some people said if it was paper voting it would have been better*

I disagree but that doesn’t mean they are not right. Although we heard a lot of people were unable to vote

*What would you have to say to the facts that some OTP were delayed and some were unable to get OTP at all*

I was at COMSIT through out the voting period until I left for my faculty to attend to some issues, we bought over 20,000 units of OTP from the providers, it all got exhausted, we had to buy another 3000
I can’t recollect the exact figure we bought but it was a large quantity

*On the day of the election,some of the candidates where already jubilating before the winners,were announced*

(Laughs) I was unaware


The school authority came to pick us from Comsit to auditorium

*What did you go to the auditorium to do?*

Announcement of result, the basement was the venue

*Announcement or the counting, it was said that they were counting the results*

Counting what? It was automatically counted since its online, there was no need to start counting
You probably heard rumour of counting somewhere.

*Okay.So how would you rate your administration compared to that of last year*

I will have to go with the VC, DEAN and SUB DEAN, SAU rating and most importantly, that of the student populace, they all regarded it as free and fair

*How did you think the students helped in making the election free and fair?*

They were satisfied with it, I have a lot of friends and in this school, I know a lot of people and they were satisfied, though some were not. At least we received no petition or open letter against the election, I heard it has never happened in the history of the University,
Election without petition and open letter
*Ohh that’s a plus on your side*

*So what do you think can be done concerning the OTP not been delivered early? Because it happened last year too*

I think it’s a network issue, basically on the part of the network provider. I don’t know much about how the OTP works but it’s solely a network issue

*So Unilorin would continue to experience such?*

With time, it will stop but to be frank with you, everybody can’t vote and everybody can’t get OTP, we are just trying to ensure a larger percentage of the students get it. It’s not the school that supplies OTP, I think the last one we used was supplied by Glo or mtn

*But then if we don’t use E-voting what harm would it caused?*

It would be very hectic, unnecessary problems, time wastage and even prone to violence, moreso we are trying to move with technological advancements

*So what advice do you have for the next ISEC administration to come?*

Definitely, the next chairman would be someone that worked with me, they know how it all went and I would advice them to do as I did, most importantly, they should be neutral and very firm with their decisions

*They should do as you have done? that means you had no loops during your administration?*

Not really or maybe I was able to take responsibility for them, no one is perfect though

*I would have asked for your favorites among the aspirant but I guess you were to be neutral*

I don’t have any, but I liked Asiwaju and Unity for their simplicity.

What advice do you have for the incoming students union administration?*

They should take the students first and ensure they don’t go against the management, their studentship comes first

*We wish you success and you journey on*

Thank you so much

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