May 26, 2022


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Interview by Ogunsola Omowunmi

Hello There!

Welcome to another episode of Sunday’s Sunday,our Sun today is Olalekan popularly known as Lanky,an undergraduate of Law in the University of Ilorin, a one time politician, an online publicist and a business man. 


*My name is Omowumi, 
Can I meet you?*

I’m Olalekan, popularly known as Lanky.

*What department and level are you?*

I’m a 400Level student of Common Law

*What do you do asides being a student?*

Well , I’m an online publicist, digital marketer and content creator.I recently launched my business, Lanky Fashion; a brand that sells men’s accessories in wholesale and retail.Currently, I work as a PR for Cab86 company and many other reputable brands within and outside Ilorin.

*Wow you do so much!  
*How do you manage to combine all This ,together with your studies? *

It is very difficult I must confess.
But I try my best to catch up with my course mates by photocopying notes and all of that because I miss most of my lectures
It’s all about time management. I try really hard to devote time for all the things I’m doing. Even though not enough time has been put in my academics lately

*I know you are also a politician…*

(Cuts In) I Was a politician,
I just want to focus on my business and academic life this session 😁

 you were the former law PRO and you also contested for the post of PRO at the student union level*

Well I did contest and I lost. I’ve moved on to the next chapter of my life. Which right now , is my business and academics.

*Did you quit politics because of the election lost?*

I believe that if one door closes, another one will open
I became a politician because of how much I love and enjoy Public Relations
I wanted a bigger platform to do more
Since I didn’t get it, I decided to create one for myself.
That’s why I’ll also be Launching my Publicity Brand, ‘Lanky Media ‘ on the first of October

*That’s beautiful! 
*But then how did you feel about how the election turned out, despite the publicity*

God’s plan prevailed, who am I to question it?

I accepted it in good faith and congratulated Intellect that same night.
*So since you love public relations, why did you go for law and not another course that really goes in line with the real public*

I started public relations after I became a law student.

I still love Legal Profession actually, I’m just not limiting myself to it. 

*Okay,but then do you see yourself as a lawyer or a business man in the nearest future?*

Yes I love business just as much as I love law

*So both right?
*So being an online publicist and the rest does it pay more*


*Or you are doing it because you enjoy doing it*
I enjoy doing it
And of course, I get paid


Underpaid sometimes
But I get paid
*I know fashion pays alot,but in a city where everyone is selling stuffs, what do you have or what do you plan on doing to make yours stand out*

It’s all about branding and packaging.
My branding is topnotch and so will my packaging be. I will sort it once I get to Ilorin this weekend

*That’s the real deal, we would keep our fingers crossed for Lanky fashion
*Can I go a little personal?*

Please do

*Are you in a relationship*
What type of relationship?

*(Smiles) you know What I mean*
Ah I don’t o(laughs) Please be specific

*Okay Are you in a romantic relationship?* 
Do you have a girlfriend?*

I’m in an adult relationship

*That means a very serious relationship? * 

No I don’t have one girlfriend.

*(smiles) But you have two or more
I understand*

Those are your words , not mine(laughs) 

*(laughs) Thanks for your time and I wish you the very best in all your endeavors 
*The UCJ team also wishes you the best*
Thank You

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