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“I’m the P.R.O Student Union, University of Ilorin never had”

Hey beautiful minds, welcome to another exciting episode of The Sundays Sun, today. We have one of the Unilorin’s finest Public Relations officer and brand influencer; He is also a one time politician. He is no other person than Adeyemo kabir popularly known as Heritage media. Relax, sit and enjoy this trilling interview.

Interviewer: Pressman Omowumi Ogunsola

*My name is Omowumi can I meet you?*
I’m Kabir Opeyemi ‘Heritage’ Adeyemo
*What department and level are you?*
I’m a 500Level Student of Faculty of Law
*What exactly do you do?*
I’m a student, who has got interest in publicity and media. And utilize my skills where it’s needed. As I say it, ‘a retired Politician’, one time journalist and writer and many other things;
I’m a learner.

*Hmmm let’s start with the name ‘Heritage Media’, how did that come to be?*
Story time, yeah. (Smiles) ‘Heritage’ actually came through when I used it as a pet name. It was the name I insert in all the poems, short stories and all I wrote that time. I was among writers. I was called Heritage. Everyone acknowledged my writing skills. That was sometimes around 2016-2017 in University of Ilorin. Joined UCJ in 2016 and improved but it was short-lived because I wanted to pursue a Political career for the office of the Public Relations Officer, of which any Political ambition of any member of UCJ is/was against the constitution of the Association. So, I had to quit UCJ to serve my people in Faculty of Law with the hope of returning after the one year in office. But man proposes, God disposes. I never went back.

In the course of serving in the office I was elected in, I found my true dream. I’ve always been outstanding when it comes to hyping and publicizing products, or events in the faculty since the year 2016 even before I joined UCJ. But I can say I learnt a lot from UCJ through the tasks I was assigned to, along with Mr Chima(One of my greatest drive that time). My orientation as a student continued changing. It was around this time i started coming out of my shell and meeting intelligent personalities. Akinyemi Muhammad X (now a graduate) knows my story. He was a better writer that time but he should be able to testify to my zeal to learn and outshine him, if I have the chance. (Smiles).

So, while serving as the P.R.O of Law Students Society, I took the big step that I don’t want to just be creating nice broadcasts for products or giving nice strategies for publicity when the people reading it won’t even know the person behind it. I wasn’t looking for cheap popularity that time, trust me. And right now, if I can do my thing without being known or forced out of my shell, I will gladly opt for that. The basis of the whole thing is to create a better front through what I know. I like to impact and teach what I know. I’ve helped lots of brands grow.

So basically, ‘Heritage_PR’ was launched on the 1st of January, 2018. I changed to ‘HERITAGEY MEDIA’ this year on the 1st of January. It is a Publicity and Entertainment brand that renders Hyping service, Digital Marketing, Branding, Reputation management and social media management. We also organize events with a well planned concept. We are growing fast but we continue learning. On God.

*So with all this, how are you coping together with your studies?*
(sighs) It has not been easy, to be honest. Studying Law alone in University of Ilorin is a tale. It is ‘Unilawrin stress’ on this side. We face a lot academically. Combining that, with what Public Relations is sincerely stressful. The only thing I am sure of is that I read when it is expected. Like that mode of mine will leave you thinking if it’s the same person you saw yesterday jumping from one place to the other. I just can’t wait to graduate so I can give my skill my all, and if I’m going to practice as a Lawyer… Well, that will be Entertainment Law. I will still be in the game.

*(Smiles) Entertainment lawyer it is.*
Yeah, yo!

*Apart from being the PRO of LSS have you held any other post, be it in the student union level or still LSS?*
I’m the P.R.O Student Union, University of Ilorin never had. (Smiles)

Yeah, I held some other positions. I was the P.R.O of Liberty Chambers, Faculty of Law 2016/2017 session, P.R.O of Pen Speakers Association of Nigeria(PSAN) 2016-2018, P.R.O of Law Students Association of Nigeria 2017/2018, P.R.O of National Association of Osun States Students(NAOSS) 2018/2019, Vice President of the Unilorin Public Relations Association(UPRA) 2018/2019 and some others including numerous committees at both Faculty and Student Union Level.

*Nice, you have a lot at hand, This is why you never returned back to UCJ?*
Hmm. You can say that. I held UCJ dear to me but I might not be the committed person I was before I left.

*We have a lot of people in Unilorin who do the same thing you do, so what can you say makes you stands out?*
I embrace and cheer talent when I see one. Many of the people you have in mind that call themselves Publicists actually ain’t. You don’t just come out because you have 200/300 viewers on what’s app and start portraying yourself as a publicist. You shouldnt say because you have 5000 followers on instagram and start calling yourself a brand influencer when you don’t even engage your followers. You don’t take on studies about Public Relations, Branding and Marketing. It’s wide. Requires lots of creativity. You have to think every single minute. The more reason why I believe anyone ready to take on this as a profession should be ready to be committed and consistent. You can easily fall out unless you sing growing your brand.

What makes me stand out is my zeal to keep learning and sharing what I know. I SEE NO ONE AS A COMPETITION even though people can be funny. Even as at right now, I regret helping someone that couldn’t help another person when he was approached for the same help.

*So does this pay really well?*
(Smiles) No.
But we thank God. We are growing.

*So you are doing it for the passion not for the money?*
But collects the money to sustain the passion

*I still don’t see the truth in it, cos we have a lot of people into public relations*
There is fame in doing it. There are lots of fun in it. There are some connections that it bring. There is money in it BUT not in Ilorin. If I have a chance to work with big brands selling products and I give them contents, that’s the MONEY we talking about

*(Smiles) So do you still write?*
Ayiiiiiii… No, I don’t. Haven’t tried to in a very long while now.

*If are to choose between being a lawyer and a publicist and being a writers which would you choose?*
I can publicize as a Lawyer
*If you are to choose just one*
I can live two lives in one… Entertainment Lawyer

*(Smiles) Nice.*
*Where do you see yourself in the next five years?*
A smart man living my dreams known to me and God.

*What are the things, public relations entails*
I think mentorship. I noticed many are going into it because they see the juice from outside. Until you enter and for like first one/two months, you will still be seen as a newbie in the game but when it gets to three month and you ain’t progressing, reading or building on it, you are not a Publicist fam. Just a wannabe. A publicist that doesn’t have a phone is what? Your networking, skills and zeal are what makes you a publicist. If you are an influencer but your audience growth is not moving, you are just a user of Social Media.

As I say, everybody is now a publicist in Ilorin. How the general public can differentiate an Influencer from a wannabe, I haven’t figured out yet. But the real ones know the wannabes. Most times, clients fall into the hands of the wrong hands and pay a whooping sum, then when they see no result start scouting for some other publicists they can give little change. These things doesn’t make a good PR progress because the encouragement might start to fade when he isn’t getting good pay for his/her awesome service.

*What advice do you have for anyone planing to go into PR or upcoming brand influencer?*
My advise, any PR/Brand Influencer that doesn’t want to be seen as an alternative should step up his game. You’ve got to show and be confident of what you are selling. And be considerate. Don’t charge more than you are doing so that they can come again or refer someone
For the aspiring folks, hmm. To be honest with y’all, it’s not easy. You need to prepare your mind, soul and craft. Your creativity will push you faster than you can imagine. Be committed, consistent and bring new things to the table. I am still a learner and still look for new ways to publicize. Thank God for supportive friends I had when I started. It worked smoothly and I had better platforms to showcase. I do my researches everyday. I learnt cartoon creations few weeks back and I started utilizing it as a form of publicity for my clients. Booooom, many people are into it now too. That’s the way. We bring new stuffs to the table. The question now is who the best toon maker is. Also note, Whatsapp is fading for publicity please. You can have lots of viewers though but groups, hian!

Challenges come everyday, hard times everywhere, busy schedules and all. The aspiring folks should ask themselves if they can live with it all without breaking. If they can manage many clients without lacking. But you know what, EXPERIENCE WILL TEACH YOU. ALL THE BEST!

*Have you received any award?*

Online Media Personality of the Year 2019 by Student Union, Unilorin

Most Dedicated Libertarian 2019, Liberty Chambers, Faculty of Law, Unilorin

Two times(2018 & 2019) enlisted as a Reputable student in the controversial list of Most Reputable Students, University of Ilorin.

And others with numerous nominations for awards.

*Awwnn! how did you feel being part of the most reputable students?*
Just appreciative. Don’t know on what ground I got shortlisted, but It just gives me the urge to do better. If I’m opportune to be among again next year, my final year, I’m gonna really feel fulfilled.

Thank you
Thank you so much for your time, the entire UCJ team and I wish you the very best in your endeavors.

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