May 26, 2022


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SUNDAY’S SUN- Femi Adeshina Of Vijob Cakes

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Welcome to another Sunday folks!,our SUNDAY’S SUN today is CEO VIJOB CAKES,FEMI ADESHINA. Let’s go as he shares his business life, career, relationship and others.



 Hello there, my name is Okorite, 
Can we meet you?

My name is
Femi Adesina

You are a student of the University Of Ilorin, What level and department?
Sociology department

That’s nice.
But then how do you manage learning sociology with being a baker?

I must confess , it’s not easy at all.
I use most of my free time to work ,no sleep,no rest.

(A work from Vijob Cakes)

Woww,that would be very stressful.
Is there any of these two you’d say is suffering because of the other?

Both are affecting each other I must say…..due to future plans I tends to focus on my business 55%

Hmm, that’s fair enough.
So you are saying you don’t have plans on being a sociologist?

I don’t, but studying sociology has really contributed greatly to my business

Do you care to enlighten?

I tend to understand my customers behavior,how to relate and communicate with them.

Hmm, that’s a food for thought!
And now to the question that has been forever on my mine(LOL), you are a male in a trade perceived as being for females, why did you choose baking?

I suspected you are going to ask that☺☺☺
Am this type of person that love doing business ,have done some many businesses that has fail In one way or the other. I find joy and happiness in baking, I can’t pin point one particular thing that drives me into baking.
I think I love competing

I don’t think I know of any male baker except Tosan.
So when did Vijob Cakes establish itself?

Vijob is a family business name, established by my late mother before she dead last year,
V- Victoria
I- isreal
J- John
O- oluwafunke
B- blessing.
(These are my sibling names)

Woow…This is really huge.
I’m sorry for your lost.

Thank you

So now,let’s go a little personal.Are you in a relationship?

 Yes ,I am

Can you tell us a little about her?

She a student of unilorin
Economics department

Wow, that’s cool😅.
So what do you do while not baking or being in school?

I will keep that to me☺☺☺

Lol, alright. back to baking, do you have an area you’d say you are better with?

Well I try new things Everytime. Am good at almost every aspect

(A work from Vijob Cakes)

That’s huge!
So where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 Having my own cake shop,going international also

Well, wishing you greater heights!

Finally what advise do you have for upcoming bakers and especially people like you who likes following unusuals?

I will love to scare them a little, by say the truth ,baking is not easy at all, it’s not a job for the lazy ones….. Don’t give up and keep aiming higher.
Hmm, I’m sure the lesson is taken
Thank you for granting an interview! 

Thank you for having me!

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