May 26, 2022


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“Funny enough, there is calculation in Art… “

A happy Sunday to you and welcome to another edition of SUNDAY’S SUN, we have one of UNILORIN’s finest photographers as a guest today, Subby as he is popularly known of Subby photography. Do enjoy!

(Interview by Okorite Joy Harry)

OKORITE: Can we meet you?
SUBBY: I’m by name Fatigun Olaoluwasubomi
OKORITE: So I guess the name Subby you are popularly known as is coined from that.
When did you start photography?
SUBBY:Yes, I started mid 2017
OKORITE: What was your motivation?
SUBBY: I loved art
OKORITE: Art could have led you into something else you’d agree, so why photography?
SUBBY: Was bad at drawing but was good with handling stuffs with my hands. I basically had ideas running through my head.
OKORITE: You are a student of the University of Ilorin, may we know what course and what year you are presently?
SUBBY: Finance, 400 level
OKORITE: Why Finance?
SUBBY: I love Calculating Figures
OKORITE: You love art and also love calculating so which of these two do you plan to continue with after you graduate?
SUBBY: Funny enough..There’s calculation in Art: You have to dig deep, doesn’t just work that way, I can be both
OKORITE: That’s a good perspective. I have seen a couple of your pictures and they are quite nice, so what inspires your pictures?
SUBBY: Difference OKORITE: Great, going a little personal now, are you in a relationship?
OKORITE: Could you let us into what do you do when you are not taking pictures or reading for school?
SUBBY: Dance, Write. Drama, Cinematography, simply stay creative
OKORITE: Can we say that’s your mantra?
SUBBY: Nah [SIC] Be better than your Last’ is the actual mantra.
OKORITE: How do you juggle being a creative and being a student?
SUBBY:I see them as school too.
OKORITE:Where do you see yourself in few years time?
OKORITE: Fantastic!
So what do you have to say to those who love your works and those looking up to you?
SUBBY: Those loving, I really appreciate it from day one. I still have alot in stock. They all just have to keep repping and shouldn’t forget me in prayers, those looking up to me, they all should leave the ground and fly but they shouldn’t skip the processes, it’s really important
OKORITE: Thanks for the audience.

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