May 17, 2022


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Suprema Nobilis delivers free eye care services to Ilorin residents

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Hussien Adoto

Over 100 residents in Tepatan and Iya Aro communities of Ilorin, Kwara State, on Tuesday received free medical check-ups and eye care services from final medical year students of the University of Ilorin.

The services were part of the medical outreach organized as part of the events outlined to mark the final year week of the UNILORIN Medical class of 2020, named Suprema Nobilis.

UCJ UNILORIN was at the outreach hosted at the grounds of Tepatan Basic Health center on Tuesday.

Residents of the two communities trooped in their numbers to participate in the outreach, which the organizers said was to improve eye health.

The chairperson of the organizing committee Akinoso Aminat told UCJ UNILORIN that the outreach was focused on improving eye care in the communities and preventing blindness among residents.

She said: “The outreach is about eye care. That’s the main focus. It is for eye evaluation, eye screening, so as to be able to prevent causes of blindness, and at the same time also treat those that already have eye illnesses.”

“We have reversible causes of blindness and irreversible ones. So, the reversible one—an example is cataract—we are offering surgical intervention for those that have cataracts in this community.”

Ms. Aminat noted many people are not aware of an irreversible cause of blindness called Glaucoma, which she said can cause affected persons to lose their sight without warning.

Highlights of the outreach include registration and screening of beneficiaries for basic health conditions and visual acuity.

Aside from the eye services offered during the outreach, residents in the communities received basic medical services such as blood pressure checks, blood sugar level evaluations, height, and weight measurement.

There was a pharmacy section to dispense free drugs to patients that needed drugs, while those that needed surgeries were referred for later free surgeries.

Optometrists were also on hand to give free glasses to the beneficiaries.

A beneficiary of the outreach, Olusanya Samson expressed his delight at getting an opportunity to know more about his health.

“My experience so far has been wonderful. I got to know some things I didn’t know about my health before. It’s been a long time since I checked my BP (blood pressure), I have never even checked my weight or pulse before. I am still going for the final test of my eye after here. Hopefully, it’s going to come out well,” said Mr. Samson.

Olorunshola Aanuoluwa, another beneficiary, told UCJ UNILORIN she heard of the outreach through a friend and decided to try the outreach to “resolve issues in my eyes.”

The editor-in-chief of the Suprema Nobilis class, Mr. Ademola Aderanti, buttressed the essence of the outreach and enjoined residents to take responsibility for their health rather than waiting for government intervention.


Aderanti urged the government to replicate the outreach in other communities across the country to prevent avoidable causes of blindness among Nigerians.

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