May 19, 2022


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Surprising: Unilorin lecturer feeds Students in Class

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By: Ayeyemi Deborah

It was a surprise day for Engineering Practice and Quantity students as their lecturer Engr. Olayinka Okeola decided to treat 200 of his student to a nice meal on Monday, 28th January.

According to source, Egnr Okeola popularly called OG, due to his benevolence, decided to cheer his students with food in his 5hours last class for the semester which he termed ‘Valedictory class’.

As gathered, OG in his words said ,he made arrangement for 200 plates of item7 ( a popular eatery in Tanke) and drinks that is worth over a hundred thousand naira.

While students in other departments patiently anticipate the day their lecturers would do same, some of OG’s student are in a state of maybe or maybe not as they are unsure of what to expect from his benevolence and have taken to their social media handles to express their feelings.

OG who has been described as strict but approachable is a lecturer in the department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.

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