May 19, 2022


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Suspected cultists attack students, incites fears on campus

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Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

A case of suspected attacks perpetrated by suspected cult members on students of the University has been reportedly discovered on campus.

The assailants, who are suspected members of the Aiyee cult group, approached *Tayo around the Item 7 restaurant on the night of Tuesday, 29th of June, 2021. The assailants approached Tayo and his roommate to request money. Discovering Tayo had only #300 Naira in his pocket, the attackers robbed him of the sum and left him.

In Tayo’s words to the UCJ UNILORIN, “I was on my way back to my hostel with my roommate from item 7 when this guy stopped us. He was putting on a white Jalamia, had tribal marks on his face, fair in complexion, and was short.  Two other tall guys, both dark in complexion came to back him up, one was wearing a red T-shirt, blue long jeans, and a zip sweater while the other was putting on a shorts-Jean, a tie-and-dye top and had his hair tinted (I can’t say if it was gold or white because it was a dark area). They told my roommate and me that they were ‘AYEE’ members and all they wanted was money.”

In a further investigation, UCJ UNILORIN discovered *Chiedu, who also confirmed he has been approached by people who matched Tayo’s description. In his words, the assailant stated that he was approached by a guy who claimed that he “is an Aiye member and that he should have his number to call him if he needs help”. He also stated that the assailant requested money and he declined his requests.

This represents a string of attacks perpetrated by suspected cult members, suspected to be members of the Aiye organization. Ronke, revealing her experience to UCJ UNILORIN, stated that she has faced a similar experience off-campus. She stated that the suspect “requested for money that he is ‘Ayee’ that if my guy needs any help he can call him. The guy was with a dagger because he showed him. He asked for his contact. My BF had to give him the wrong number. He didn’t threaten or collect money from him forcefully, my guy gave him the money of his own will.”

However, members of the University community expressed different thoughts and fears on these recent attacks. Taoheedah thinks “certain particular guys impersonating the Aiye cultist” people by using that means to collect money from students.” She further stated that “they might be armed with a dangerous weapon but they might not actually be a cultist seeing the pattern they  are following to collect money.”

Also, Ronke thinks the assailants might not be cultists but be petty thieves impersonating them. She told UCJ UNILORIN “I didn’t count much meaning to it because I assume it might be one of those guys that do beg for money around. But for them to threaten people that they are cultists, that’s what I don’t understand. Cultists don’t go around telling people they are cultists or beg money from them”.

These occurrences have raised fears on campus and in the university environs on the safety and welfare of students. A fresh student of the Department of Human Kinetics, Faculty of Education, who was also attacked by the assailant, told UCJ UNILORIN’s journalist that I don’t feel safe, I have used only 3 weeks in Ilorin, I don’t have anyone here. Hearing about the lady who was raped and killed is also frightening.”

To know the steps taken by the student representative body on the situation, a call was placed through to the Public Relations Officer of the Students’ Union, Mr. Olabode Stephen (O’Smart). He told UCJ UNILORIN that the SU is unaware of the situation, and that “whenever a report on the issue is being gotten, the Union would take appropriate steps to address the situation”.

 _*Asterisked names have been changed on requests of anonymity, and to protect the identity of the sources._

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