May 17, 2022


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Suspension saga: “There is no political gain for me” – Reedof

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The Student Union President, ADEBISI, Ridwanullah Abimbola has registered his displeasure at the suspension of members of his cabinet.

He disclosed this at the just concluded stewardship accountability programme, when a student alleged him of not releasing a communiqué to intimate students of the suspension. 

He further stated that he wished something could be done to avert the expulsion, “There is no reason I will be witch-hunting members of my council, they are the people who make me,” he said.
However, the rule of law has to take its course. Moreover, the Press have done the needful, he added.

Senate President, Com. Kunbi, reported that the 30 working days suspension is constitutional, the welfare secretary is expected to resume office after the expiration of the said days and make restitution for the funds misappropriated. The CEC is expected to fill in the gap as they are jointly responsible, he said.

Omodara Ruth,

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