August 11, 2022


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🇦🇺Sydney Name Ferry McFerryface After Public Poll

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Sydney will have a new ferry named Ferry McFerryface following a public poll, the local government has said.
Hundreds nominated the name in a survey that asked locals to name a fleet of six new ferries for the city’s harbour.
The announcement by the New South Wales (NSW) government sparked mirth, as well as criticism by some who said Sydney was late to the joke. Last year a British poll voted to name a research vessel Boaty McBoatface, inspiring similar monikers elsewhere.
“This one is for the kids,” said NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance. More than 15,000 names were submitted in the naming competition, with the names of three significant Australian doctors receiving the most votes.
Boaty McBoatface came fourth, but it was ruled out of contention “given [it] was already taken by another vessel”, Mr Constance said. Ferry McFerryface finished fifth.
It joins other spin-offs from the original name including a Swedish train named Trainy McTrainyface and an Australian racehorse named Horsey McHorseface.


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