May 19, 2022


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T-fare Increment: Students stranded as shuttle drivers embark on protest

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Ajayi Ife-Oluwa, Victor Afolabi, Ridhwan Abdullahi||

Currently, there is an on-going protest by the University’s shuttle drivers over the non-implementation of their proposed increment in the transit fare by the University’s Students’ Union.


This development has rendered vehicular movement of the students into the school impossible as many are seen stranded at various picking up bus-stops.

At the resumption of this academic session, the organised transport union demanded increment in their services fee sighting unfeasibility of the current charges considering the state of things in the country.

The students Union had called for a retrain in unilateral decision making, saying the union would look into all possibilities and get back to the transport union.

As it appears that the transport union has exhausted their patience, they go on their planned protest, today, since the agreement with the students Union, privy of the school’s management, is yet to be accepted and implementated.

Meanwhile, while some of these transporters have decided to put their activities on a total halt, some decided to go on but to only transporting students from one bus-stop to the next, totally boycotting entrance to the school.

Those in partial protest declared that the are not informed on any protest, suggesting that the decision must have been an impromptu one by the union of transporters.

Speaking with one of them at their convergent point — the University of Ilorin Bus Terminus, Tanke-Tipper Garage — the shuttle driver said non of them will transport any student to or fro the campus until the Union signed an agreement on their proposed increment.

Another member of the union said: “I have not been to Terminus this morning, my turning point has been okeodo, therefore I am not aware of that. All other buses are at Terminus but then I’ve noticed that there are few buses entering school. He concluded that maybe they just came up with it this morning.

Efforts to get the Students’ Union position on the situation proved abortive as calls and messages put through to the President of the union, Mr Wisdom Okoko Passion, and his deputy, Vice President Muhammad Fateemah Temitope, were not attended to, respectively.

UCJ-UNILORIN will give other sides of the story as they unfold. Stay tuned.

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