May 26, 2022


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The Euphoria of Matriculation

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Kuti Fatiha Eniola

The University of Ilorin held its 2020/2021 academic session matriculation ceremony. The event was slated for August 5th but couldn’t take place due to some circumstances which were not stated. The date was cancelled and rescheduled to hold on Wednesday, 29th of September.

Although, the postponement short-lived euphoria, coupled with the forthcoming examination (text and examinations) which has put a lot of pressure on the matriculated students because they are not familiar with the examination know-how and the strategy to step up to the task.

The matriculation is tailored to prepare students for school activities and a stepping stone towards their academics.The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abdulkareem said in his speech, “Your personal dreams are very important; of which you should be the major driver.” He charged the students to work towards their dreams and make sure they get to realize them.

The matriculation was not celebrated in-ground as students were asked to go to their various faculties and departments for their matriculation numbers as they begin their exams.


Afterwards, the Students’ Union bonfire for the freshers started in the late hour of the day. It  was done to celebrate  the new intakes successes in securing admission into the university and of course rejoicing with them. 

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