May 19, 2022


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The Euthanasia Preventive initiative sets to hold Annual program

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By Ayodimeji Ameenat

The Euthanasia preventive initiative, a non governmental initiative founded by the faculty of law students, University of Ilorin in 2013, is set to hold its annual program. This year, they have a list of programmes planned which is supposed to run for two days starting on the 5th of April and ending on the 6th.

The activities they have planned out for Monday, 5th of April are; Awareness and distribution of face masks within the school; that would be carried out in the school park and would start by 9am, an Inter-faculty debate competition that would start by 12pm and would be held in the faculty of law, Visitation of UITH by 3pm, and on Tuesday, they plan to hold a public lecture that would take place in faculty of law.

The public lecture is themed,” Nigeria’s Response to Covid-19 pandemic: A Case for Euthanasia” and would be graced by notable personalities like, The Vice Chancellor; Prof. Sulaiman Age, Dean Students Affairs; Prof. LT. Ajibade, Dean Faculty of Law; Prof. Hakeem Ijaya and the Guest Speaker; Dr. Azizat Amoloye

Euthanasia is the deliberate ending of one’s life to relieve pain and suffering, The Euthanasia preventive initiative is against this practice, as they believe, according to their motto, “care not kill”. And their slogan; “Hope for the Hopeless, “hope for the hopeful”

According to Tajudeen Habeebullah, the
Coordinator of Euthanasia Prevention Initiative; the aims and objective of the initiative is providing a healthy and conducive atmosphere coupled with the desire to allow the vulnerable members of the society to make choices of life rather than death as they approach their end to life.

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