May 17, 2022


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Have you ever wondered why?

Sometimes you love, but what do you get in return? Betrayal… You give your all in a relationship and your partner still finds reasons to cheat; couples claim they love each other behind close door but what happens when they live the shore of their vicinity? They cheat.

So I wondered why?

Close friends turns out to be enemies I mean real haters. They become glued to you when your pocket booms, they dance to Your tune as though they are ready to sacrifice their one life for you. But what happens when the pocket leaks? They are no where to be found.

I still wonder why?

You are happy today, and sadness take over tomorrow. Overtime you feel you are on top of the world. Your heart flutters, and you become filled with joy, you jolly you merry, and laugh out loud that dwellers of other planets Can almost hear you. But guess what? It doesn’t last. Sorrow comes knocking.

Have you ever wondered why?

Little things matter most. David defeated Goliath. Pen is mightier than the sword. Drop of water makes an ocean. Second grows into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into months… and before you know it, snap! You ‘ve lost it. Just a seconds is enough to shape or shrink your life.

Then I wondered why?

You are the son of your father today, tomorrow you father Your Own own father. As a child, daddy provides you with basic necessities including emotional inspiration to go forward.  But what happens after the law of diminishing return sets in? You carry on the responsibilities of a daddy and move on with the challenges of life. Like a circle, life circumnavigates.

Have you even sat down to ponder?

 why life is fair to A and unfair to B. A child is born with a sliver soon and another to a no spoon family that can barely feed their own stomach. child A Going through thick and thine wallowing in hardship of life, and waiting for manners to fall from heaven. And child B begins to wonder, what sins he has committed against humanity to deserve such a horrible life?

Hmm! Have you ever wondered why?
Sometimes you crave for more but hey less. And when you expect less, you get more. The irony of life which explains why life will never be it’s true self and how unfair things will be even when you’re fair with it. Life is an irony of itself do your best and always be happy because life will always be unfair.
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ABOUT: Iwayemi Zainab is a student of the University of Ilorin. She is a writter, a journalist and an editor. She also takes photographs. You can reach her via:

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