May 19, 2022


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The Newly Elected CIS Presidents on Leadership, Plan on working to reach a goal

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In place of the commencement of the 2020/21 academic session, UCJ Unilorin’s Ogunlana Rukayat and Josiah Praise had a discussion over a virtual cup of coffee with Oladipupo Habeeb Oladimeji (Olalegacy) and Ajibola Folashade, President and Vice-President of the Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences. In this interview, the duo fondly known as Olalegacy and Shade respectively share with us the intriguing, the inspiring, and the enlightening.

Q- Who is Olalegacy?

OLALEGACY: I am OLADIPUPO, Habeeb Oladimeji, I’m nicked Olalegacy.

9th President, Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences Students’ association.

I am a 400L student of the Department of Information and Communication Science.

SHADE: Ola is a great guy and so far working with him has been good. Two traits I love most about him are how he doesn’t procrastinate and secondly, he’s supportive and I believe he’s going to be present not just physically as a leader but as a friend to everyone on the team.

Q: Who is Shade?

OLALEGACY: Shade is my constitutional wife; Vice President. So far, I can say she is a resourceful and intelligent woman.

Brain + Beauty.

SHADE: I’m a goal-getter who wants to serve and help make a positive advancement in any society I find myself.

Q- What inspired the name Olalegacy?


Legacy has been my nickname since secondary school. I chose the name because I liked school and educational stuff back in secondary school. So I chose the nickname from the adage,” Education is the best legacy”. When I got to Unilorin, I added Ola to it.

Q- What is the motto for your administration and why?

OLALEGACY: Harnessing Exceptional potential.

Having examined what the goal of all the members of the CEC is, looking at our manifesto, we discovered that we are all trying to discover talents among CIS students, build on them, and also invest in the people in the Faculty with programs and activities that will help us achieve those dreams.

Hence, we chose that motto, to keep reminding us anytime we see it, that, that is our purpose and our goal.

So, the motto will be driving us

SHADE: Harnessing Exceptional potentials.

To add to what Ola said, the motto was chosen from the CEC’s ambition to invest in CISSAITES. We hope that Everything done in the course of the administration will inspire CISSAITES to be dreamers and getters of the extraordinary. To be more than average students and to also discover those with the potential to equip them for that.

Q- Have you always been interested in Politics?

OLALEGACY: I have always been interested in politics since 100L, and  I have been in it since 100L.

SHADE: Yes, I have always been interested in Politics. Before I got admitted into Unilorin, I told my older brother I was going to go into school politics so I could learn and gain some experience before I run for a senatorial race later in life. However, when I got into the school I heard many scary things and then got distracted and backed out. Fast forward to 300 level, I grew into a new understanding and I decided I would serve in any capacity I can, so I took up this opportunity.

Q- Since when did you nurse the ambition to run for this particular post?

OLALEGACY: I started nursing my ambition for this position in 200L.

SHADE: In March 2020, I started to nurse the ambition, and around a year after, the time to run came.

Q- What motivated you to run for office?

OLALEGACY: I was motivated to contest for the office of this President, after serving under Comrade Light, the 2018/19 CISSA president, I was the AGS then and I learned a lot from him. I love the way he did things and I was envious of everything.

This motivated me a lot because the administration was a success.

SHADE: First of all to serve and secondly, I believe growth comes with responsibility and so I’m looking at it as an opportunity to learn.

Q- As an undergraduate, has there been any moment that tested your stance so far (challenges)?

OLALEGACY: The challenge I have ever had as an undergraduate is the financial challenge and also, the decision to choose my career path during my internship days (I.e me trying to choose what I want to do as an IT undergraduate).

SHADE: Being a student is a full-time job. I believe you have an idea of what managing both can be like. But we thank God for strength and a solid team.

Q- How did you deal with the challenges?

OLALEGACY: I am still dealing with it because I am still an undergraduate, but Alhamdulillah, we are better than where we were.

I joined Linkedin, attended tech programs, signed up for tutorials, the Twitter community and Importantly, my days of SIWES, made me discover the path I want to go. I’m on the journey already but still at the cradle.

SHADE: As I mentioned, so far the team is solid and everyone is up and ready to work so there’s balance and no overload. Also, we are not at the peak of activities yet, so things have been going on smoothly.

Q- What do you want to be remembered for by the time you leave office?

OLALEGACY: I want to be remembered, that I left a legacy in the Faculty with some innovations and ideas, I and my teams are bringing and we will rebrand the ones we met too.

And the legacy will live on.

SHADE: I want to be remembered for helping to bring out the best in people. That’s what all of this is about.

Q- What are your plans for your administration?

OLALEGACY: We have our plans and blueprints.

Although all cannot be achieved, to the best of our ability, we will bring in some new activities. Some of them are, SIWES Orientation, Starting CIS alumni association, CISSA website, CISSA Magazine, Final year students Yearbook, skill acquisition and building upon the already established programs like Leadership summit, Annual industrial and fun-filled events from the social aspect.

SHADE:  The plan is to equip our students with valuable skills that can project them to good opportunities. We intend to do this by setting up several skills acquisition training and talent showcase programs and then teaching them how to brand themselves and apply for opportunities or create one themselves.

Q- Academics and Leadership are two priorities for you, how do you intend to juggle both effectively and efficiently?

OLALEGACY: Well, with Academics and Leadership, It hasn’t been easy, but I have been in the leadership position since 200L, I’ve learned the art and mastered it.

I use my extra time for leadership and administration, which some students either use to sleep or visit friends or watch movies or have fun and the academic time for all of us remains the same.

Although my nights and sleep suffer it, I am fine by it and ready to sacrifice the midnight sleep for my academics and leadership.

And I can say that From 200L till today, I have maintained a CGPA, even though it went up, up, and down, but it is still within the range.

An instance of me balancing academics with leadership is: I applied for like 5 scholarships, got shortlisted for 3 exams and I won the 2020 Federal government of Nigeria scholarship.

SHADE: Truth is one mustn’t suffer for another and I strongly believe in teamwork and how we can overcome anything as a team and when things get tough I will do my best by managing my time better and streamlining activities such that I attend mostly to those which I must be the one to attend to.

Q- Beyond studentship level, would you consider politicking on a larger scale?


I intend to go into politics when I graduate, and I am established enough. I have a political ambition.

SHADE: Maybe. I always had the dream of becoming a Senator in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Let’s see how that goes.

Q- A message for fellow students?

OLALEGACY: To my fellow students, In anything you do, Be focused, explore every opportunity that comes your way because when preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable.

SHADE: You have no idea what you carry on your inside. Never stop learning, your dreams are valid and achievable and I trust you’ll take advantage of every opportunity that’ll be coming your way.


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