May 25, 2022


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The plan is to ease the electoral process – LSS ISEC Chair, Tiamiyu Faruq

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Asma Solanke-Hamzat and Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

The Law Students Society Independent Student Electoral Commission was inaugurated to generally conduct and oversee the affairs of the forthcoming LSS election.

In an interview with the UCJ UNILORIN, the LSS ISEC Chairman, Tiamiyu Faruq, mentioned that “apart from lifting the ban on an open campaign by candidates and commencement of the sales of forms to candidates as part of the preparations for the LSS election, letters have been delivered to appropriate authorities such as the Dean of the Faculty of Law, the Faculty Officer among others.”

Mr. Tiamiyu also stated that efforts are currently underway to deliver a letter to the Sub Dean of Students Affairs, to further facilitate and ease the conduct of elections on campus.

When asked on what mode of voting would be employed by the LSS ISEC during the election and on the issue of security to avoid intimidation, the chairman told the UCJ UNILORIN that the students will vote for their desired candidates through secret ballot, and that part of the contents of the letter to be sent to the Sub-Dean of Students Affairs is a request for security officers to be posted at strategic areas on the election day, to further ensure security and fairness of the electoral process.

Apart from the general overview of the elections to the manifestos of the candidates, the Chairman told the Press that law students would have the opportunity to hear the manifestos of the candidates on the 18th of January, 2021. When asked about his expectations regarding the manifestos of the candidates, he noted that the students would determine and that the expectations that matter are that of the students.

He also mentioned to the UCJ UNILORIN that although there has been a massive declaration of interest turnouts, there have been minimal amounts of sales of forms. However, he stated that he is confident that the sales would increase before the deadline, 17th January 2021, which is a date that “might be extended.”

On how massive turnouts of student voters would be ensured, the chairman told the UCJ that there was a plan to conduct an electioneering education by going to classes to enlighten students but due to the late constitution of the commission, the plan could not be followed through.

The Chairman said that he is not satisfied yet with the preparations for the elections as the main goal is to gain an audience from the Sub-Dean of Students Affairs and get his approval for the LSS ISEC to follow through with its plans

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