August 15, 2022


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The universe shouldn’t exist, scientists say after finding bizarre behaviour of anti-matter

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The universe shouldn’t exist, some of the world’s top scientists claim. Experts say, according to the standard model of physics, the cosmos should have destroyed itself when it formed.
This is because the universe was born with equal amounts of matter and anti-matter, which must have collided and instantly annihilated one another.
But this didn’t happen – and scientists are still baffled as to why. Researchers have spent years looking for any difference between anti-matter and matter that explains why they didn’t cancel one another out when the cosmos was created.
The latest possibility being probed by researchers was that matter and anti-matter may have different magnetism. But new research shows that they are identical, deepening the mystery of why the universe still exists.
When matter and antimatter meet they instantly annihilate each other, releasing a burst of detectable energy. The Big Bang is thought to have produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter, and it should have destroyed all matter.
But paradoxically today, the universe is made up mostly of ordinary matter with almost no antimatter to be found.


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