May 26, 2022


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The name ‘Efik’ is said to be of Hebrew origin (Aphik or Hepik) which means ‘oppressor’.
The Efik people are located in the South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. They can be found primarily in two states; Akwa-Ibom and Cross-River state, although a minority can be found in the neighboring country of Cameroon.
Efik language was one of the earliest languages in Nigeria with its original the conventional spelling system devised by King Eyo Nsa Honesty in 1812. Efik was also one of the first Nigerian languages that the Holy Bible was translated into.
The Edikang Ikong and Afang soups belong to the Efik. The traditional attire for Efik people consists of a few pieces, namely- the traditional wrapper and chieftaincy shirt for the men and wrapper and short sleeveless blouse for the women. The wrappers worn by both the men and the women are an ankle-long piece of cloth, wrapped to look like a skirt, usually with traditional ornaments on it.
The Efik city, Calabar has a prominent yearly festival and the Tinapa resort which was one of the foremost tourism boosters in Nigeria.
The city of Calabar was also the first Capital city of Nigeria.

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