May 26, 2022


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Adepoju Oluwatimilehin

“The difference between life in 90s and now”

There has been a great update in technology, culture, language, etc. which has contributed both positively and negatively in to the way of life of people.
In the development of technology, desktop computers were common and popular in the 90s and quite expensive too, but now nobody asks for it. They were slowly replaced by laptops and later by note books. As of now people prefer working, surfing or communicating using their smartphones.
You were not connected to people virtually in 90s, as only a handful of social sites were available then, but now the scenario is totally different, with Facebook, Twitter, Quora and numerous other sites, you have more virtual friends than the real ones.
Kids used to play outside after they are back home from school in the 90s, but now there’re glued to television watching pokemon ninja turtles or play video games.
This present generation will also have an update once there is another day. Because, almost everything in life changes.

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