May 19, 2022


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(By:Adepoju Oluwatimilehin Samuel) 

Welcome to another edition of ThrowbackThursday. On today’s throwback, we’d be taking you down memory lane,down to some 80s and 90s(21st century kids, please step aside) songs that stole our hearts!  

Grab a seat and of course munch on something as we run through five out of our favourite songs of the 80s and 90s. 

1.Seyi Sodimu – Love Me Jeje (1997) Seyi Sodimu happened to be one of the drivers of the afrosoul music genre in the early 90s before the likes of Asa, Waje and Aramide came and took over since the millennium era. As far back as 1997, he released his hit single which went on to being one of the Nigerian love classics in the 90s, gathering generous airplay while rising up the charts.

2.Christe Igbokwe Essien – ‘Seun Rere’ (1981)

A classic Nigerian hit, ‘Seun rere’ was released by the late Christy Essien-Igbokwe. The song (which loosely translates “be good/do good”) was released in 1981 and is featured on the album Ever Liked My Person? under International Records, Skylark Records. It was a constant hit through the 80s well into the 90s.

3.Prince Nico Mbarga – ‘Sweet mother’ (1976)

Prince Nico Mbarga recorded sweet mother in 1976, which sold over 13 million copies upon its release and has been globally considered as the African greatest song of all time. The demo-tape of “Sweet Mother” was turned down by EMI in 1974, citing the song’s “childish appeal.” “Sweet Mother” was later also rejected by Decca Records and Philips Records, before it was eventually released in December, 1976, by Rogers All Stars, a Nigerian recording company based in Onitsha.

4.Shina Peters – Afro Juju (1989) Shina Peters and the ‘International stars’ band are legends of Nigerian music. With over 16 well acclaimed albums, The “Afro juju Series 1” album is still the most favored album by most of his fans up-to date. He is considered as the creator of the ‘Afro juju’ music genre, and most of the songs in the Afro juju series 1 album are regarded as classic hits by anyone who has listened the album.

5.King Sunny Ade – ‘The way forward’ ft various artists (1994)

In 1994, King Sunny Ade brought 32 Nigerian artists and actors together and they collectively recorded a song against ethnic violence called ‘the way forward’ that became an automatic hit and an up-to date classic. The song was sung in several languages — Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba and several of other Nigerian languages, and the message revolved around urging Nigerians to stop fighting against each other and, instead, celebrate their independence together.  

Nostalgic right?,do anticipate our next edition! 

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