May 19, 2022


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(By: ADEPOJU, Oluwatimilehin Samuel) 

Hey guys it’s another beautiful Thursday. In today’s throwback, let’s bring back the memories of the 80s and 90s social life where there wasn’t whatsapp, Facebook and the likes and things regarded as in vogue were things entirely different.How did we the 80s and 90 kids enjoy our lives?
Gone are those days when children used to play on the streets, run in the rain, fly paper kites, build houses with sand, play police catch thief and many other fun games.
Kids in the 80s and 90s enjoy rolling tires all around the street and it is always fun filled.
Remember those days when one naira coin was valuable money, when you could buy biscuit and groundnut for 5 kobo.
Who cares about video game when brick game is there to keep you occupied?
You are not in vogue then if your parents did not buy you a kito sandal and if you don’t have it you must have basket sandal.
Those day every school made use of same textbook, from Abuja to any other of the 36 states. You probably do not know which maths textbook they use in school these days.
Do you remember the then popular English textbook “Ali and Simbi”?

The 80s and 90s have the best memories you can’t afford to miss.
Don’t forget the game of ‘who is the garden’, ‘Panpangolo’, ‘dip dip dip ‘and a lot more.
Indeed the kids of nowadays miss more than a lot. Also remember the moonlight stories mummy do tell us and put a smile on the face of today’s kids. Shout out to all 80s and 90s kids! 

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