May 19, 2022


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(By:Adepoju Oluwatimileyin Samuel) 

The university of Ilorin popularly known as Unilorin was founded in 1975 as a federal government institute of learning in kwara state,Nigeria.

The institution started with three faculties(science,arts and education)with few students under Dr T.N Tamuno.
The school upholds her motto “probitas Doctrinal” meaning “in learning and in character” making the school at all cost not smile at indiscipline in school and the environment.
Professor Akinkugbe was the first vice chancellor succeeded by many others.
The university which started with three faculties then is now an institution with complete faculties, having Over 34,000 students under Professor Abdul Ganiyu Ambali.
The institution known for its discipline and academic standards was ranked the best university in Nigeria in 2014, making the university “an institution to be” for both parents and a dream school for secondary school students.
The university of Ilorin celebrated her 40th anniversary with the 2015 out-going students of the school.
Gaining admission into the university is easy but graduating is also not difficult if you abide by the school rules and regulations.

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